What to Discuss When You Don't Know Someone

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Many of us find it difficult when we are in situations with others where we don't know people.

These situations can occur with church gatherings, new work colleagues, other school parents, work conferences, etc., and occur rather frequently when we stop to think about it. 

The thing is, it's important to get to know people deeper in these circumstances. Others notice when you are engaged, and if you can get to know someone well, you've turned them into a great ally, friend, and network opportunity.

Now, when you are trying to relate to someone new, sometimes it helps to have a cheat sheet around what to discuss with a person you haven't met before. So, here are 5 things to discuss with someone new. Once you find something in common, dig deeper with the specified topic.

Find a full list of topics to talk about here>>

1. Family & Kids

If you both have a family or partner, start here. Most people are passionate about those closest to them.

2. Travel

Where have you been and where has the other person been before? Where would each of you like to go in the future?

3. Current Events

Often, the things that happen in society bind us together. Just make sure that the current event doesn't have a politic undercurrent.

4. TV Shows & Movies

Most of us have watched at least one show that we absolutely adore. Let the other person talk about their favorites, and soon you'll find a show you've both watched.

5. Pets

If one or both of you have a pet, chances are you are passionate about being a pet owner. Share and see what you come up with.

In Conclusion

Now, there are plenty more ideas to share together. Visit the link above for a huge list. And I hope you find it easier to talk to someone new next time! You'll find that it gets easier with practice too.


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Rocky Dickerson
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Superior Service!

And when you turn a compliment into a conversation, they will always remember

Oct 13, 2021 05:38 PM