Pest Control Options in Greensboro

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Throughout the year, homeowners can count on various pests attempting to infiltrate their homes and yard. Whether the pests succeed depends on what type of pest control options are in place. For some homeowners, taking care of pests with do-it-yourself projects and products is the plan. For others, the option is to rely on a professional pest control service to treat, eliminate, and control pest infestations.

Pest Problems in Greensboro

No matter how well you maintain your home or how clean it's kept, pests will still want to get into your home. It may be for shelter, food and water, getting warm, or keeping their babies in a safe place. Whatever the reason, removing them can be a challenge.

Greensboro homes and yards are attractive to many pests such as roaches, fleas, spiders, ants, beetles, termites, stinging insects, and many more. Some of these pests, such as fleas and stinging insects, may pose health problems for individuals who experience an allergic reaction to their bite or sting. 

Other types of pests, such as termites, rats and mice, carpenter ants, and squirrels, can cause damage to the structure of the home, weakening beams, chewing electrical wiring, and disrupting the lawn with tunnels and mounds. 

Pest Prevention

Maintaining a checklist of things and places to inspect frequently in and around your home can alert homeowners to potential problems that they can address before it becomes a serious issue. 

Some of the basics to check include any rips or holes in window screens, screening that has become detached from the frame, damaged or degraded weatherstripping around exterior doors, and any cracks, crevices, or spaces around piping under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Also, check around washer connections. The dryer vent should also be checked in case it is damaged, allowing space for a pest to enter the home.

When issues are discovered, repair or replace the damaged sections and use a caulk gun to seal cracks to eliminate entryways for pests. 

The same checklist applies to detached outside buildings, such as a storage shed, laundry room, or detached garage. Seal any openings, replace screens, check around any piping and vents, and around areas where bees and wasps may have constructed a hive or nest. 

Check the exterior of the home, especially around the foundation, for any gaps or openings that need to be sealed. Entryways to crawl spaces should also be secure to prevent rodents from entering. Eliminate easy access for termites by trimming shrubs and plants and keeping them away from the home. Trimming tree limbs also lessens access to the roof, chimney, and attic vents by rodents.

Professional Pest Control

For pest control Greensboro solutions, contacting a professional company offering customized services to prevent pests is a sure way to handle infestations. With highly trained technicians with years of experience, customized treatment processes, and available plans for preventative service, your home and yard can remain a safe and healthy place for friends and family. 

When pests make an appearance in your home, there's no time to waste. With a plan in place and professional services at hand, your home won't turn into a haven for unwanted pest guests. 

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