Top Five Weekend Events to Watch Out this October

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Just a few hours before we finally hit the weekend once again! October weekends mean hanging out, beer, and wine, too. This month, you probably have noticed a number of breweries and wineries hosting events here and there, and a long-time tradition in Germany is to thank for this.

A little bit of history -- back in October 1810, the crown prince of the Kingdom of Bavaria in Germany married a princess and invited all the citizens of Munich to a festival and horse races. Then people find it fun, and so they decided to hold the event annually. By 1818, booths serving food and drink are introduced in the annual celebration, which includes the appearance of beer. And with that, Oktoberfest was born.

It was later adopted by other countries, making it a tradition to the parts of the globe to hold annual beer celebrations every October, all thanks to a married couple that once invited a whole town for a festival with horse racing and beer.

With Virginia as the top 12 state in the U.S. to have the most number of craft breweries, is no doubt that the craft beer business is growing in the state. With that in mind, this fall season, it'll be nice to celebrate such tradition by joining the top five brewery and winery events Northern Virginia has to offer! 

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1. Fairfax Tiny Beer Fest

Celebrate the Oktoberfest and be a part of the Breast Cancer Awareness movement this month with the Fairfax Tiny Beer Fest! Located in Fairfax, VA, High Side will be will be hosting the said event, with 10% of the profits going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Join them on Sunday, October 24 by clicking this link for more information, and have a blast

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2. Weekly Live Music @ Lost Barrel

Celebrate small wins this weekend at the Lost Barrel in Middleburg, VA! With their weekly live music events, you're sure to unwind and chill out a bit after a long week at work. Invite your friends and loved ones to hang out one sip at a time. Check out their weekly live music lineup and other upcoming events by going here.

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3. Tales and Ales

We all love to hear stories once in a while, and what better way of doing this but by having beer on the side, of course! Join 7 storytellers on October 22 at the Old Ox Brewery in Ashburn, VA to chill out. Event starts at 7PM, but you can come early to catch the music from Nathaniel Davis and the Nappe Catering food truck and drinks. The best part? You get to help the Friends of Loudoun Mental Health and support their cause with part of the income benefiting the foundation.

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4. First Annual Beer Festival @ Bear Chase

Join the Bear Chase Brewing Company's first Annual Beer Festival this October 23! With some of the best local craft breweries featuring their favorite brews and their seasonal beers, you may bring your friends and loved ones too located in Bluemont, VA. Participating breweries include Honor, Ornery, Crooked Run Fermentation, Ocelot, Solace, and more! Click here to find out more about the event.

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5. Fall Wine Festival @ Dominion

Nothing beats the classic, of course. In this event hosted by Dominion Wine and Beer Store in Falls Church, VA, wine will be the star of the show. Join the event at October 23 and get the wine tasting experience people enjoy and love. 25 hand-selected wines from five different wine growing domestic regions will be in the event to get the full experience. Want to learn more how you can join this event? Click here for more information.

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What do you think about our weekend getaway list? What are your plans this weekend? Do you have any suggestions or want to share your weekend getaway experiences? Let us know in the comments down below!

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