4 Legal Reasons to Update Your Address with Your Lawyer After Moving

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Moving is a hassle. You have to find a new place to live, pack up all your belongings and get the utilities transferred over from your old place to your new one. It can be hard enough just to try to get everything done without any other interruptions or setbacks. You should not forget during this process to update your address with your lawyer after moving.

1) Lawyers Can Fight to Get Your Moved Expenses Reimbursed

If you have a lawyer on your side, they can fight for the moving expenses that may be due to you as part of an injury settlement. To do this, however, they need your updated address in their records so that it is easy for them to track everything down and send you what is owed to you.

In addition to this, your lawyer may also need to contact you about other issues that come up during the settlement process. If they can't get in touch with you because of an old address, then it could cause problems for both sides and prolong how long everything takes. You should provide your lawyer with any information on possible new addresses so that they have a backup plan if they need to get a hold of you while the settlement negotiation is going on.

2) Lawyers Have to Keep Your Personal Information Confidential

Another legal reason to update your address with your lawyer is because of attorney-client confidentiality. This means that anything you say or disclose during the representation process should be kept strictly private and not shared with anyone else without first getting your approval. If there are any issues where keeping information confidential becomes an issue, the lawyer should immediately contact you and ask for permission to share it with other parties.

If your address has changed but is not updated in their records, this could cause a problem where they need to talk about something confidential with you but don't have easy access to how they can reach you. You want things like this settled as soon as possible, so you should provide your lawyer with any new contact information that they need to keep things running smoothly.

3) Lawyers May Need to Send You Important Forms

Another legal reason you need to update your address with your lawyer is that they may need to send out important forms and documents. This could be anything from a subpoena (a notification that requires you to appear in court) or interrogatories (an official request for information about the case). Because of how important these items are, you want to make sure that your lawyer has an accurate address in their records so they can send everything out quickly.

You may also get important communications from the other party's legal team (for example, if it is a personal injury case where you were injured by someone else). It is vital that your attorney gets these types of documents as well since they may contain information that can affect your case.

4) Your Lawyer May Need to Contact You in an Emergency

Finally, another major legal reason you need to update your address with your lawyer is that there may be times when they need to contact you in a hurry during an emergency. For example, suppose the other party wants immediate payment for damages or refuses settlement unless certain demands are met (such as a medical treatment you were promised). In that case, your lawyer may need to get in touch with you right away.

In conclusion, there are a number of good legal reasons why you should update your address with your lawyer after moving. This is something that both sides need to do as soon as possible to continue working together without any issues along the way.

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