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CDEC is a UK-based company that provides a complete variety of lighting repair and installation services. Our objective is to satisfy our clients by providing fast AV system integration support services, competitive pricing, superior quality, and audiovisual systems support.

We provide replacement, repair, and installation services for audiovisual installations to our customers in the educational sector. 

Our team of competent experts will assist you if you're having problems with audiovisual stuff at your facility. We provide on-site repairs, or you can send your equipment over to us and have one of our repair specialists diagnose the problem and provide a service cost estimate.


The Importance of Maintaining AV Equipment

Keeping speakers, lights, and audiovisual equipment in excellent working shape is critical to institution's survival. This AV technology is steadily transforming the educational landscape at all levels. And while the demand for up-to-date video, audio, and lighting is rising quickly, setting up the hardware is only the first step. When you make a long-term commitment to school, you want to ensure you reap the benefits of your investments, which is why regular AV assessment is so important.

Audiovisual equipment uptime implies you can keep providing a seamless experience for your student while keeping future replacements and costly repairs to the barest minimum.

Time-minded educational institutions use a variety of lighting and AV technologies to effectively interact with their students, augment their learning experience, and deliver memorable interactions that generate positive memories and stamp your lectures in their brains.

In a classroom setting, audiovisual experiences promote greater cooperation, increased listening and understanding, and the development of more effective pedagogies. As educational institutions grow more reliant on their audiovisual equipment, the primary objective has shifted to breakdown avoidance. The following are some of the advantages of scheduling audiovisual servicing:

Greater Savings in both Time and Money

The sustained reliability of audiovisual solutions implies a happy learning experience. This will reflect the number of students enrolling in your school and more cash sitting in your bank account. Repairs can affect not just the usage of AV systems but also scheduled events and some other critical teaching processes. 

Cleaning and maintaining audiovisual equipment are similar to cleaning nails. It helps with the prevention of larger, more expensive repairs later school will save time and money by having your AV stuff maintained and serviced regularly to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Peace of Mind

There will be no more screaming speakers one hour before a large function or audio system suddenly stops functioning just one minute before the commencement of a lecture.

Skilled audiovisual technicians undertake routine AV service to assist minimize interruptions, equipment failure, and poor hardware performance.

Regular maintenance offers you a sense of peace that your stuff is always in top shape and prepared to take on whatever task you throw in its direction.

Hundreds of thousands of parents all over the country expect their wards to enjoy a smooth and pleasurable learning experience and audiovisual video wall systems have a huge role to play in this.

Without continuous audiovisual servicing, you're risking not just providing a subpar learning experience to your students, but also developing more problems down the road, which will result in higher expenses, considerable delays, and overall inefficiency.

Keep Audiovisual Systems Safe

Your audiovisual equipment should enhance rather than impede the way you teach. As a result, CDEC provides top-notch audiovisual consulting services to guide you in how to keep AV systems safe.

Speaker performance that is erratic and unstable streaming connections aren't simply small inconveniences. They're usually indicators that your technology is on its way to a catastrophic failure. When you enrol for our consulting services, we'll assign an audiovisual consultant to you that'll do a thorough system evaluation, execute necessary maintenance, and write a complete report, enabling you to act before costly problems arise. Don't be caught off guard by malfunctioning teaching and conference room management software. Fix an appointment with us to be on the safe side.

Custom Design and Installation Services

Our setup crews are audio, lighting, and visual equipment specialists with years of expertise. As a result, we can provide a wide range of audiovisual stuff consulting and design services for facilities of various shapes and dimensions.

CDEC works with world-class audiovisual engineers, so ensure that you get cutting-edge technology and the best product for the task.

Audio Visual Systems Design

CDEC provides full audiovisual services to our customers, from developing unique audiovisual systems to conducting routine AV preventive maintenance. Our expert will provide the direction and expertise that your organization requires to move ahead, irrespective of the scale of project or the restrictions of budget.


Investing in first-rate audiovisual systems does not necessarily guarantee the finest audiovisual experience for students. AV system may not operate as claimed if they don't adapt to the unique demands of environment. 

Audiovisual professionals at CDEC plan and build your systems taking full advantage of your equipment. We have the resources and expertise to service the audiovisual requirements of any educational institution and at all levels. As a reliable AV supplier in the educational sector, we'll provide you with what you need to get the best learning bottom line.

Are you ready to upgrade existing stuff or create a customized audiovisual system? For comprehensive consulting, AV installation, AV support, and design services, contact us and let's take on your task.

Professional Audio-Visual Equipment Sales and Service

For years, CDEC has marketed premium audiovisual and lighting equipment, as well as offering services to different educational institutions across the country. Whether it is just a solitary cable or a large-scale established system, our salesmen will take their time to make sure that you get the products that you ordered at the scheduled time.

CDEC helps your school staff improve their teaching experience. Our team, unlike others, maintains and fixes all of the equipment and systems captured in our service list. Connect with CDEC service team for the best advice and pricing if you'd like to own audio-video and lighting equipment but don't know how to start.

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