8 Marketing Products that are Actually Useful

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Offering promotional products for marketing purposes is a great way to increase your sales. Providing something to others for free is often considered a nice gesture and can gain a lot of brand exposure. However, choosing the right custom marketing products to promote your brand can be overwhelming, especially after you realize the magnitude of promotional items out in the market.

Unfortunately, many marketing products every year get thrown out or break if they are cheaply manufactured. So alongside choosing the right products, you have to make sure they are of superior quality. There are a few useful promotional products that are popular and useful at the same time.

1. Writing Instruments

Though this idea might sound too outdated, it is, in fact, quite effective. Branding pens, markers, highlighters, and pencils are a traditional way to advertise your business. After all, writing instruments are useful, and you can never have too many. People always take notice of what’s written on a pen or pencil.

Writing instruments are affordable and tend to float around a house, room, or bag for quite some time. The best highlighter pens and pencils are also likely to be shared with others meaning more brand exposure for your business. Get a large number of writing instruments made and give them out to potential consumers as much as possible. Ensure you choose something that’s durable and works well so that it will be used for a long time.

2. Cups 

Cups are another popular promotional item that will always have a use. It features a high return on investment as cups are rather inexpensive, and people hold on to them for quite some time. What’s more, cups come in a wide array of styles to fit your desired audience.

Cups are a way to focus on sustainability and address concerns like single-use plastic products. For example, reusable bottles are emerging as a trending drinkware item. Additionally, vacuum insulated tumblers that keep your beverages hot and cold, eco-friendly wheat tumblers, stainless-steel mugs, to-go cups, and reusable stadium cups are also popular options.

Regardless of your choice of cup, ensure the style fits the audience you are looking to attract. For instance, a thermal go-to coffee cup would be great if you want to tap into business professionals. Don’t forget to customize it with a unique colorway and graphics to catch people’s attention.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

When it comes to offering a valuable promotional item, you can never go wrong with Bluetooth speakers. They work for a wide range of industries and come in various shapes and sizes. Some are even solar-powered. Music is something everyone enjoys and appreciates. So, offering them a useful speaker will help your brand connect at a deeper level.

4. Hot & Cold Pack

This is an item that a lot of people don’t often think about purchasing. However, they would be glad to have it on hand when needed. A hot and cold pack is that thing you should obviously have in the house. This is particularly good for people involved in the health and wellness industry or parents.

5. Anything Smartphone Related

It’s no secret that people spend a lot of time on their smartphones. Smartphones are essential to people’s daily living. So, they are likely to take care of them and carry them always.

To keep up with the digital times, consider offering customized screen protectors, phone cases, cleaners, stands, chargers, and anything phone-related to your audience. The chances are incredibly high that they will be kept and used frequently because these are things people often need but don’t buy.

6. Bags

With sustainability in vogue these days, it is not surprising that a custom tote bag is a popular promotional item. Reusable totes are useful in many ways. You can use it to carry groceries, take it to the beach, or carry it around like a school bag.

If you aren’t sure about offering totes, you can also opt for backpacks or duffels. These are also useful and are often not tossed out. Typically, the ideal type of bag for your business promotion will depend on your customer base. Think about the type of bag that would appeal to their lifestyle the most. Ensure your promotional bags are top quality, look attractive, and align with your customers’ lifestyles.

7. Face Masks

Ever since the pandemic, face masks have evolved to become an integral part of our daily life. In fact, face masks have become one of the best promotional products this year. When it comes to branding, consider putting a feel-good phrase or image on them not to look drab.

Look for a high-quality, machine-washable, and reusable mask to ensure your promotional item is used for a long time. You should also be mindful of the comfort and breathability of the fabric of your choice. Put your logo on the mask in a natural way for increased exposure.

8. Hand Sanitizer

During these tough times, hand sanitizers are something you cannot have enough of lying around. As people don’t throw them away and are often willing to offer them to someone else, it is a popular idea to increase your brand exposure. Instead of sticking with the regular hand sanitizer container, consider customizing it to look like a pen or a spray.

Get Started with Your Promotions

Remember that every industry, business, and customer is different. So, not every promotional item will resonate with your ideal buyer persona. Choose the right products and trends that closely fall in line with your brand’s values. By being intentional, you will further delight your customers and increase your brand exposure.


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Bob Crane
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Hi Rono,  Thank you for sharing this information on useful marketing items.   Pens and pencils are some of the most popular give-aways.  I do like those as well as mugs - very useful.

Oct 17, 2021 05:58 PM