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Have you been approached by IBuyers (Instantl Buyers) that will buy your home for CASH only to immediately FLIP it for a large profit for themselves? Even Realtors® get similar inquiries about our own homes. (Photo Home Equity Nattanan Kanchanaprat Pixabay)

Definition: IBUYER           
(Instant BUYER) A real estate company that buys homes from sellers who sign up online. After receiving a description of the property, the iBuyer makes an offer to the seller within a couple days, which may even include the cost of moving.

Why do people sacrifice their hard earned equity in their homes only to give it away to an IBuyer? Well some say they have pets or kids and the home is too difficult for them to show or to keep clean. Or showing the home is a perceived hassle with appointments for showings.

"Remember, INSTANT COFFEE is not as good as REAL brewed coffee. Same as selling your home an INSTANT IBUYER is not as profitable or lucrative as a REAL REALTOR....ME. Use the REAL THING!" ...Jeff Masich, REALTOR®

Jeff Masich Realtor

Treat yourself by KEEPING THE PROFIT given away to IBuyer)

There are ways around those things. I highly recommend using me as your professional REALTOR® to sell your home for the highest possible price and put that money into your own pocket. Use the extra proceeds for your next home or a temporary boarding for Fido or a professional cleaning service to get your home to shine while it is on the market. Or take a mini vacation while the home is on the market with your extra proceeds not given away to the IBuyer. After all with the shortage of homes in the Phoenix metro they typically are not on the market for long.

Here are Home Seller Resources and Tools to find out what your home is worth and to get the most money for your home in the Phoenix Arizona metro area. You have come to the right place.

Save these 3 Links with Resources for Home Sellers

1. See what homes have sold for in my neighborhood in the Phoenix metro area with this link and online tool. Zoom in on the map, street by street, to your neighborhood to see what your neighbors homes have sold for on the MLS during the past 7 months along with listing details and photos to compare your house with theirs.

2. How to get my home ready to sell on this link with simple ideas that are not expensive

3. E-Normous Exposure and how to get the most money for my home in this article on this link. What does MLS mean? Well some believe it means Multiple Listing Service used by professional real estate brokers and agents and it surely does. What does it really mean to the Seller? Well, "More Lucrative Sale" at the true market value of course. More information on this topic follows here.  Get your home in front as many qualified buyers as possible and not lookey-loos and bargain hunters. 

Recently Sold Homes in Phoenix metro (Zoom in to your neighborhood)


For a FULL PAGE view, See what homes have sold for in my neighborhood in the Phoenix metro area or create your own FREE MLS SEARCH PORTAL in Arizona

How maximize your listing exposure and get the highest Price for your home: E-Normous Exposure


Realtor MLSMLS also means "More Lucrative Sale" of a home to set "True Market Value" in front of qualified buyers


When a Seller lists their home with a professional on the MLS it is intantly made available to thousands of qualified buyers (not Lookey Loos and Nosy Neighbors) in the local market and around the world. These Buyers are also represented by professional real estate agents that bring a qualified (cash or loan) Buyer to see the home. Having many Buyers that are qualified to buy allows the home to sell at the true market price based on our free market society rules of "Supply and Demand" 

What is Supply and Demand you may ask? "In classical economic theory, the relation between these two factors determines the price of a commodity. This relationship is thought to be the driving force in a free market. As demand for an item increases, prices rise....per

Therefore if you have many buyers seeing the home that are qualified to make a purchase, the price of that item (the home being sold) will rise.

For a Seller that believes they will save on a real estate commission by listing their home as "For Sale By Owner" will find they may save on a commission but fall far short in their Seller proceeds on the sale by selling the home at a much lower price than if there were many Buyers seeing the home. The more Buyers and qualified Buyers (important) will cause the price of the home to rise.

Realtor Sell My Home

Think about it. A seller sticks a For Sale By Owner sign in front of their house and advertises it to avoid a commission. Who will see this ad. Well maybe some of the public or flippers. Both are looking for low ball purchases that they can move into or flip. Think about it. A Buyer does not pay a Real Estate agent usually. If they were going to buy a home, why would they go to a For Sale By Owner home other than trying to get a low ball offer. Separately, these low ball cash Buyers are trying to buy a home at the lowest possible price in order to do a fix and flip for a profit. The Buyer and not the Seller is going to ultimately reap the reward of selling at the true market price. Where will the cash Buyer sell the home after the fix up is complete? Well on the MLS of course for a More Lucrative Sale at the true market price.

Besides the benefits of a More Lucrative Sale on the MLS, the Seller's agent and the Buyer's agent are skilled and will write a professional contract to close quickly and smoothly. The Seller's agent will use the MLS and a lockbox to attract the qualfied Buyer with a lockbox showing. People seeing a Seller's home will be known taking the risk out of the transaction of unknown parties calling a For Sale By Owner to schedule a showing. Who are these people coming to the home? Are they legitimate, safe, do they have a prequalification for a loan? What do you really know about them as they check out the inside of your home? Not much.

A Buyer's agent that shows the home will have prequalified the Buyer or else they would be wasting their time. A Seller should want only qualified Buyers looking at the home and not nosy neighbors, lookey loos or buyers that are hoping to score a low ball offer or worse yet just ask the Seller to "carry the mortgage" until they work out of their financial difficuties. No No No, a Seller does not want that!

The solution to a More Lucrative Sale is to put the home on the MLS with your professional Realtor. Sell your home at the true market price using the principle of Suppy and Demand. Have as many qualified Buyers see the home as possible so the home sells at the true market price. 

When you are ready to sell give me, Jeff Masich a call. I would be pleased to help you sell your home at the full market price and bring you qualified Buyers that are ready to purchase now. Visit me at Sell My Home in Arizona. Check here for a Free MLS search in Arizona

Listing and Staging Your Home in the Phoenix Arizona metro area with Jeff Masich, REALTOR®

Jeff Masich, REALTOR® says to GET MORE for your home when I sell it for you

As your Seller's REALTOR®, I Jeff Masich can help you with what has to stay and what has to go and help you attract Buyers in order to get the most for your home. Give me a call, I would be pleased to help. I do love Herman Munster though. 

If you are looking to move to Phoenix including Scottsdale or to buy a home in Arizona or sell a home in Arizona, contact Jeffrey Masich, Associate Broker and Realtor. I would be pleased to help you and look out for your best interests while finding you the right home at the right price!

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