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Cannonborough Elliotborough is a vibrant area in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina's downtown.

Young professionals and students from the area's educational institutions will find the neighborhood an appealing option. A combination of commercial, residential, and mixed-use properties can be found in the neighborhood. The eastern part of the community is home to major office buildings, hotels, and other such establishments. We encourage you to browse our community page if you have an interest in the area and would want to see what's currently available. If you have any additional questions or would like to organize a tour of a specific Downtown Charleston property, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team!


COLLEGE COMMUNITY: Cannonborough Elliotborough is a great place to live for Medical University of South Carolina students and employees. The Citadel and the College of Charleston are both historically significant institutions. Because of the proximity of these three educational institutions to the neighborhood, the region is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a place to call home in the community. There are excellent investment prospects in the area for experienced investors who want to buy rental properties in Downtown Charleston due to the frequent inflow of seasonal tenants.


THRIVING COMMERCIAL DISTRICT: A superb range of business establishments, including restaurants, bars, cafes, boutique boutiques, chain retailers, and so much more, can be found along Upper King Street. Whether you’re seeking to have a fun night out with friends or are yearning for something tasty, there’s something for you to visit near Cannonborough Elliotborough.


LOVELY HOMES: Cannonborough Elliotborough has a unique blend of old and new architecture to offer visitors. Historic Colonial homes and relatively contemporary apartment structures border the suburban streets of the town. Like neighboring areas in Downtown Charleston, streets in Cannonborough Elliotborough are lined with gorgeous residences, big mature trees, and well-maintained municipal pathways. Buyers wishing to live in the city's core will like the neighborhood's pedestrian-friendly attributes.


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5 Need to Know Real Estate Facts About Cannonborough Elliotborough


* In Cannonborough Elliotborough, the majority of the real estate is made up of pre-Civil War colonial homes that were built during the city's early years.
* In order to provide all the modern comforts of a contemporary home, several of these residences have undergone numerous renovations and enhancements.
* While there are a few single-family homes in the area, most of the dwellings are multi-family homes with one unit on each floor.
* A porch usually provides a private doorway for each home, while a faux street-level door on the first floor serves as the main entrance.
* Cannonborough Elliotborough real estate prices range from $200,000 to $900,000, making it an attractive option for those looking to buy a home in Downtown Charleston.


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Cannonborough Elliotborough Map


Cannonborough Elliotborough is a central neighborhood in Downtown Charleston, surrounded to the north by Septima Clark Parkway, to the east by Meeting Street, and to the south by Bee Street and Morris Street. The area is located just south of Charleston's Westside and northeast of the Medical University of South Carolina campus.

Although Cannonborough Elliotborough is primarily residential, it does have a developing commercial sector, particularly around King Street. The Hyatt House Charleston, the Holiday Inn Charleston, and a number of restaurants and pubs can be found on King Street, Spring Street, Cannon Street, and Meeting Street.

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Charleston, SC Market Report:

Households: 24,855
Median Listing Home Price: $$420,000
Median Listing Home Price Per Sqft: $247
Median Rent: $1,677
Average Days on Market: 46
Home Ownership Percentage: 61.6%


Charleston, SC Community Report:

Population: 70,466
Average Household Income: $77,171
Median Age: 40
Associate's Degree or Higher: 53.05%
Elderly Percentage: 17.0%
Cost of Living Score: 111.5


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