Must Have for Wholesalers & Active Real Estate Investor Best Outsourcing Service in Tri-County-Mi

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Must Have for Wholesalers and Active Real Estate Investor Best Outsourcing Service in Tri-County-Mi


Having the most cost effective real estate assistant:
- will write the pa
- order the title work
- clear all title issues conditions for closing
- notary
- talk handle the all communication between buyer and seller
- handle assignment of purchase agreement
- due the deeds
- due the closing package as she works for the title company
- removes you from the detail work frees you up to do more deals


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Comments (1)

Norma J. Elkins
Elite Realty Group - Morristown, TN
Realtor - Elkins Home Selling Team

my wonderful DIL is our "teams" office assistant and she does an amazing job, although I am always trying to convince her to become a realtor because I know she could rock it too. 

Oct 20, 2021 05:47 AM