Does a Golf Course Add Value to Your Charlottesville, VA Home?

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Thanks to the pandemic, buying a house on or near a golf course could be a win both for golfers and non-golfers. Living next to a golf course gives you a good view of a scenic landscape. This is very relaxing, especially these days when everyone is working from home. Aside from the good view, though, does a golf course increase your property's value?

A golf course adds value to your Charlottesville, VA home by providing an area where you can enjoy the outdoors and practice social distancing. It also increases your property value! 

Today, I will discuss the factors to consider before investing in a home on or near a golf course: 

Do golf courses increase property value? 

Is golf course property a good investment?

Should I buy a house next to a golf course? 

The number of people interested in owning houses on a golf course grew over the course (no pun intended) of the pandemic. 

Read on to learn more about these things!

Do golf courses increase property value?

Golf courses absolutely do increase property value. In a study in the early 1990s, it was found that home values near a golf course increased by 7.6%. Recent studies show that the farther in the community the house is from the golf course, the lesser the property’s value.

Also, properties with a great view of the golf course have a higher value than homes without that view. Additionally, a house without a golf course view still has a higher value than one outside the neighborhood. 

From these stats, we can assume that a golf course in a residential community adds to the property’s value.

Is golf course property a good investment?

A golf course property is a good investment. An important thing to consider, though, before investing is the quality. The property’s value will depend on the golf course itself. 

Recently, there has been a rise in people’s interest in living on or near a golf course. Before, there was a noticeable decrease in participation in U.S. golf. Participation dropped from 29 million per year in 2006 to 24 million per year in 2019. Between January 2020 and February 2021, though, there was a 26% jump in searches for properties with a golf course

Many Americans are starting to leave city life behind due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are encouraged to work from home to stay safe from the virus. Since golf is an outdoor sport that can accommodate social distancing while still allowing interaction with your friends, more people are turning to this sport. 

Should I buy a house next to a golf course?

You may buy a house next to a golf course. However, there are many considerations to think about when buying a house. Among these are cost, house size, and proximity to the workplace and other commercial areas. Some buyers will ask if they should buy a house next to a golf course. 

Here are the benefits of living next to a golf course: 

Beautiful View and Surroundings

A friend told me that they still remember the first time they saw a golf course. “As a kid, its vastness was astonishing. I saw it while I was at a friend’s house. The view of the golf course was visible from their living room. This memory stuck with me because of how pleasing the view was for me.” 

Having a view of the golf course is an application of the concept of "appropriation." This was articulated by Humphry Repton, one of the pioneers of landscaping in the early 1800s. The view of the landscape can be seen from a house that integrates a view into the resident's property. 

Add Value to Charlottesville, VA Homes - You can increase your property in Charlottesville, VA with a golf course.

Having access to beautiful surroundings can help us stay mentally healthy. Not only that, being able to take part in leisure activities, such as golf, can also help us stay fit and entertained. 

Benefits of Living Next to a Golf Course - Buying a house next to a golf course is a good idea as it doesn’t just add value to your property, but provides you with several benefits, as well.

A Haven for Golfers

This is the most obvious benefit of buying a home on a golf course. If the buyer is an avid golfer, living near a golf course is like heaven to them! They will be able to play the sport that they love just steps from their front door. The buyer may also get a discounted club rate and discounted annual membership dues. 

Best Realtor in Charlottesville, VA Home - If you are looking for a home near a good-quality golf course, call Pam Dent, a realtor who is an avid golfer herself today at 434-960-0161.

The Prestige of Owning a Home on a Golf Course

Many golf communities are associated with luxury.  The neighborhoods have been laid out with an eye to natural beauty.  And they are full of well-maintained, high-quality homes.

There are many options to choose from if you are looking for a golf community home in Charlottesville. There are properties in Glenmore, Old Trail Village, Spring Creek, Farmington, Keswick Estates, and Lake Monticello. Pam Dent would love to share her knowledge to help her buyers find the perfect home. 

Final Thoughts

Living next to a golf course in disrepair isn’t going to make an attractive investment property. A well-maintained golf course is more likely to increase the value of the property. We are lucky in Central Virginia to have a selection of beautiful golf communities that offer homes in various styles and price ranges.

Are you looking for a home near a good-quality golf course in Charlottesville, VA? Pam Dent, a realtor who is an avid golfer herself, would be the perfect choice to help you. She has first-hand information about the golf courses and golf communities. She also cares about her clients. You may contact her through this number: 434-960-0161. You may also want to check this video: 

Top 5 Benefits of Living in Charlottesville Golf Communities

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