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The Procopio Process How Our Agents Can Help Buy Your Dream Home In Syracuse


If you’re reading this, you probably have a rough idea of what your dream house in Syracuse would look like. You’re probably working on taking all the necessary steps to survey the real estate landscape and find the perfect property for you. But how do you know if what you’re following is an efficient home buying process?

 Here at Procopio Real Estate, our agents follow a simple step-by-step home buying process of our own to help you find your ideal property and secure a purchase as fast as possible. Here are the steps involved:


  1. Decide To Buy A Home

Are you emotionally prepared to buy a home? Are you also financially prepared? Engage in some discernment before you’re ready to start your real estate hunt.


  1. Get Pre-Approved

Unless you have access to a lot of capital, you’ll likely need to contact a loan professional to make sure you can afford your home. Work with your lender to find out how much you can afford.


  1. Meet With A Real Estate Agent

Unlike striking out on your own, consulting with a real estate agent will get you an accurate glimpse of the market from the eyes of someone who knows its trends firsthand. Determine what kind of home you’re looking for and let your agent help you.


  1. Look For Homes

Review the competition and determine a price you’re comfortable with.


  1. Decide On A Home

Make sure that this home aligns with all your financial and emotional prerequisites before you decide.


  1. Submit The Offer And Negotiate

Your agent can help you put together an offer package, which must contain the following:

  •  Purchase contract
  • Copy of initial deposit
  • Loan approval

After this is secured, prepare for a few rounds of negotiation. Make sure your real estate agent is competent to help handle this.


  1. Get Your Offer Accepted

A few rounds of negotiation might happen at first to get your offer accepted. Be ready to wait before the seller can give you their final decision.


  1. Get A Transaction Calendar

Keep track of all contingency deadlines.


  1. Submit Your Loan To Lender

Make sure all your documents are intact.


  1. Conduct Inspections

Take note of everything you like and dislike about the property structure. Your agent can help you acquire the help of an inspector.


  1. Review With Lender

Make sure your loan and appraisal is okay.


  1. Remove Contingencies

Remove all contract contingencies and understand the ramifications. Once you’ve done this, make the final deposit.


  1. Sign Loan Documents

Once the loan documents have been ordered, make your way to your attorney’s office to sign all loan documents. Bring in the balance of your down payment and make sure it’s consistent with what’s required.


  1. Enter The Closing Phase

Your title company will send signed loan documents to your lender. Your lender will then wire the money to the title company so the house will finally be in your name.


  1. Congratulations, The House Is Yours!

Once the recording is final, you will be officially declared the owner of the home you’re eyeing. Plan a welcome party and settle down in your new home!


Why Do I Need A Real Estate Agent To Help Me Buy A Home?

Although this 15-step process may seem easy to understand, a lot of meetings, document acquisition, and review of contracts will occur. Having a trusted real estate agent by your side can help you make sure you’re on the right track to purchasing the home you’ve always wanted.


They are also incredibly experienced in dealing with unreasonable or unreliable sellers and can deter you from interacting with them further.


Consult with us today!


Are you wondering how to buy a house the Procopio way? All the information about our easy home buying process is readily available on our website, and our real estate agents are ready to serve you as soon as possible.


Simply click ‘Request More Information’ on our website and fill in a few quick details to get in touch with an agent right away. You can also call us at 315-928-5394 if you’re ready to speak to us instantly, and rest assured that we are ready to attend to your needs any time. Finding your dream home is easy with Procopio today.



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