5 Remodeling Options for Your Spare Room

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Do you have a room in your home that stays vacant most of the time? Maybe you have an extra bedroom or empty garage. Instead of using it for storage, find creative ways to turn it into a liveable space. Here are five remodeling ideas to turn your spare room into the hottest spot in the house. 

1.  Home Office 

With 22 million people working from home, an office can be an excellent way to repurpose your space. It’s ideal for parents or people with roommates who need privacy. Look for comfy chairs with good support when designing your office. If the room has a window, place your desk in front of it to bring in more natural light. 

Consider adding fun decorations, such as pretty mugs or artwork. Choose a paint color that will inspire you. For example, yellows can make you feel happier and optimistic. If you want to embrace a more calming vibe, consider adding colors like turquoise. 

2.  Gym 

Do you prefer working out in the comfort of your own home? Turning your unused space into a gym allows you to blow off steam in private. The first step is to select your equipment. If you’re into cardio, consider getting an indoor cycling bike. Pelotons are becoming more popular in today’s homes. 

A rowing machine is a good option if you want to build upper body strength. You may also want to add rubber flooring, which can provide more durability for the equipment. Mirrors are another fun accessory and can help you improve your form.  

3.  Kids Play Area

It can be hard to find a designated space for children to play. Taking advantage of unused areas can help solve this problem. They can fill the room with all their toys, containing the clutter to one location. When painting the walls, use your kid’s favorite colors or fun themes. Yellow, pinks and blues are popular choices for playrooms. 

Remember to add storage bins or cubicles to help organize their things. Wire baskets are good options for their durability and aesthetic appeal. You might even want to add a table and comfy seating for kids to do arts and crafts projects.  

4. Game Room 

Finding fun activities to keep the whole family entertained can be challenging. A game room is an enjoyable way to spend some quality time together. It can even be the busiest room in the house during parties or playdates. Consider highlighting any unique structures you have, such as brick or exposed beams. 

Lighting can help brighten up the space, and your flooring is another critical consideration. You’ll want one that is durable and able to withstand heavy foot traffic. It also should be easy to clean since spills are likely to occur. Linoleum is an excellent choice. 

When preparing your space, you can’t forget about the electronics. Consider what types of games your family and friends enjoy the most. A pool or foosball table can inspire some healthy competition. 

Here are some other games to consider:

  • Billiards
  • Indoor golf
  • Table tennis
  • Darts
  • Air hockey 

5. Home Theater 

Do you enjoy watching movies with your friends and family? Advanced technology can turn your spare room into a movie theater. Look for sound-absorbent materials for the walls to enhance your viewing pleasure. Adding acoustic foam can block out sound from other areas of your house. 

Invest in a large television screen to mount to the wall. Consider buying a smart TV for higher-quality images. 

If you want to make it a family party, be sure to add extra sofas or bean bag chairs. Add comfy recliners or a popcorn machine for a more authentic feel. You can even dress up the walls with your favorite movie posters. 

How to Turn a Spare Room Into Your Dream Space 

Your home should be a place of comfort, and having unused rooms can be a waste of space. Consider one of these remodeling ideas if you’re ready to create a functional area you can spend hours in.

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