Mayfair Hotel Searcy AR revisited! So historic! Almost 100 yrs old.

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Mayfair Hotel Searcy AR

Historic Mayfair Hotel in Searcy AR is almost 100 years old.

And I had the pleasure of a short guided tour today.  The picture above shows the Mayfair as it is today.  The town has grown up around it and its charm is still there.  I have done several blogs about it in the past.  I'll try to list some of them at the bottom of this blog so be sure to pull them up and read the comments.  Searcy Sleuths always provide so much information.

Mayfair Hotel Searcy AR

This small sign was in the owner's office and he reported that it has been there since the hotel first operated.  It is more like a reminder for departing guests.  

Mayfair old picture Searcy AR

In the owner's office was this framed picture of the way it used to look.  It was built in 1924.  I have seen postcards of this view but not a large one.....possibly the this one.  That clock looks as old as the hotel, doesn't it.

Back of Mayfair Hotel Searcy AR

And here is a very interesting picture that was also framed.  Sources have reported that the Mayfair took the place of the Gill House which once stood in this location and sources also say that the Gill House still partially remains.  It was mostly torn down but a part of it was dragged to the back and was attached to the new Mayfair.  That portion shows at the right in the above picture and has the slightly lower roofline and different looking windows.  

I loved the tour!!  More pictures at these locations.     Click here.

And here.


Comments (1)

Don Thompson
Donthomp Associates - Sunnyvale, CA

The Mayfair had apartments as well as rooms. One of my high school classmates lived there with his mother in an apartment. His mother was a room attendant.

Imagine living downtown within walking distance of all the stores in the 50's.

Oct 27, 2021 07:06 PM
Barbara S. Duncan

Don, that would have been nice because not everyone had cars then.  Wish we could get the building back up and elegant again.

Oct 28, 2021 07:41 AM