"The Myths Of Solar?"

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"The Myths Of Solar?"

Are rising utility rates burning a hole in your wallet? In the dark about the best and cleanest form of energy you can utilize? Then looks like you should go solar with SolarWRX!

But wait, you say. There are certain things you heard about solar that held you back from signing up for this energy system. Fortunately, Mike Masciangelo of SolarWRX was kind enough to provide us some FAQs as well as information about their company to help debunk these so-called "Myths Of Solar."


1. "I can't afford solar right now."

There is no cost to get solar. After installation, you pay your solar payment in lieu of your utility payment with the payment locked in.


2. "Leasing is the only option."

SolarWRX offers a leasing option but you also have the option to purchase and get 26% of your system back from the Feds while the state of Arizona gives you $1000. That's a 30% discount and a quick ROI!


3. "Now that the weather is cooling, I really don't need solar."

You can also install any time of the year but it's when the weather is cool that it's best to install. Did you know that when you use less electricity you accumulate credit? With Arizona Public Service (APS), you will not receive a bill.


4. "Why should I go solar, my utility bill is not that high and I am on a fixed budget"

The Salt River Project (SRP) and APS have an annual increase of 4% on your bill. For an average bill of $200, in 5 years it will be $243 and in 10 years it will be $296. Solar payments typically would be between $140 and $160 whether it's in 5, 10 or 15 years time; of course, it would be $0 when you pay it off!


5. "What if I get solar and decide to sell my home?"

If ever you sell your solar-powered home, you can either transfer the balance to the new owner or pay it off with the equity from the sale of your home. By marketing your home with a $0 solar payment, you can priced it higher than the same house without solar.


SolarWRX makes it easy for you to save money while harnessing the cleanest form of energy available today.

Installation is easy and seamless since they handle all of the heavy lifting: from the initial plans, permits and all required paperwork. You can definitely count on SolarWRX's expertise and attention to detail to ensure your energy system meets the highest standards. They can even customize your installation to your specific needs and wants based on your initial consultation.

And with a 25-year Warranty, SolarWRX is able to offer monitoring and protection on your solar panels for your added peace of mind.

If you're ready to power up your or have more solar questions, please reach out to Mike Masciangelo by phone or email at 602-448-4834 or mas@solarwrx.com


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"The Myths Of Solar?"

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