Tesla Med Beds and Med Bed Technology Now Available to Public

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Tesla Med Beds and Med Bed Technology Now Available to Public

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Tesla Plasma Med Bed Technology

The term "med beds" and Tesla med bed technology is starting to make its way into various media outlets and as it does so does the curiosity of "what is a med bed"?

Tesla Plasma Chamber

Tesla Plasma Chamber med bed technology

Tesla Plasma Chamber booklet

Med beds including hyperbaric med beds to be ready in 2022

There are a variety of med bed versions including some other Tesla technology products that are being sold including Tesla Healing Coil, Tesla Healing Coil 2, Tesla Tealing Coil 3, Tesla Ozone Ray  and the Tesla Med Bed.

The "Tesla Energy" products have a host of health benefits targeted under "anti aging" and also different types of healing properties. According to the AntiAging Beds company the Tesla technology like the Tesla mattress include the core essentials of cellular regeneration, detoxification, and the required energy, frequency, and vibration of technology to assist in maximum recovery of the body. Tesla technology is an entry level technology based on reducing cellular stress and inflammation in the body.

Tesla Ozone Ray

There are a host of med bed technologies available now and the AntiAging Bed company has just announced Plasma Med Bed and soon coming hyperbaric med bed models. As more and more med bed and Tesla technology continues to make it way into the public so too will the name Tesla be made synonymous with the words "state of the art". From technology that powers the most powerful car company in the world (that just exceeded one trillion in value), to healing coils, med beds, antiaging mattresses and Tesla ozone ray in homes across America.

Tesla healing coil package
Tesla healing coil system

Stage 3 Tesla Coil healing system for home use.

Set includes:

1 - Baxter Biohealth Sine Wave Frequency Machine
1 - Original Tesla Torus Healing Paddle
1 - PEMF Coil For Deep Spot Healing
1 - Flower Of Life Tesla Torus Healing Paddle
1 - Labyrinth Pattern  Tesla Torus Healing Paddle
1 - Parasite Removing Resonance Technology

Everything found in stage 1 & 2! Plus Tesla parasite technology designed to help remove internal parasites real time. Save yourself time during your healing process. Utilize the extra paddles and fine tune your healing by pinpointing your individual and specific issues real time. The PEMF helps with pain and pinpoint deep core issues. The different paddles helps close the gap in stagnate energy by using natural patterns found in nature. Helps recovery, purify, and detox the body by increasing bio force energy within the body. Utilizing natural Tesla frequency patterns to maximize cellular function, recovery, and energy. 

Tesla was no doubt a great engineer however it could very well be that some of his best work and technology is yet to be revealed.  For more information on Tesla med beds, healing coils and anti aging products visit AntiAging Bed .







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John Pusa
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Crest - Glendale, CA
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Hello Sean Callahan very god report about tesla med beds and med bed technology.

Oct 25, 2021 08:21 PM
Peter Silvester
Coldwell Banker Realty - Austin, TX
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Hi Sean, Thank you for posting this article. It was our quest to find the Galactic Medbed that lead us to Tesla Medbeds, Theta Chambers, AO Scanners and more. Our Chiropactor in Los Angeles got us interested in all these healing tool with his amazing set of tools we would use each visit to his practice. Dr. Har Hari has a Tesla Bio Charger, PEMF beds, pressure chambers, theraputic lasers and more. So when we moved from Los Angeles to Texas, we had to buy Lasers for ourselves. Once in Texas we got the calling to start our own healing business. We sell Tesla BioHealers, BioHealing Generators, Theraputic Lasers, and help clients with these tools and others including the AO Scanner, Supplements and other wellness practices. 

Dec 11, 2021 06:51 PM