Compare Doctoring/Real Estate Sales - Is There A Common Denominator?

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Let's for a moment try and look at what at first glance, seems like two very dissimilar professions. What could doctoring and real estate sales have in common? Neither of these occupations would seem to share much of anything!

Doctoring from a layman's viewpoint, would seem like an occupation which is heavily regulated, where much in the way of specialization exists and traditional routines, as well as new challenges, encourage practitioner's to update their techniques and procedures frequently. As you might have guessed.......this sounds very familiar to those involved with the sale of real estate!

Like doctoring, a great number of real estate agent practitioners, over time, migrate to  one or more area's of expertise. With the complexity which now exists regarding various factors, ie....designated flood plain areas, HOA regulations/ restrictions, etc., the era of "performing general real estate sales representation" would appear to be on the wane. The creation/incorporation of computerization as a vital part of modern day real estate transacting.....parallels that of the practices utilized by your doctor's office It's now considered...."SOP" (standard operating procedure) among both professions.

Because much of that which takes place in a society....never remains constant, new practices, techniques and procedures are created on an on-going basis. It wasn't too many year's ago.......we didn't have a device which could instantaneously provide one with detailed mapping guessed it, our cellphone. Imagine working with potential buyer's and trying to locate property addresses using an unfolded paper map covering much of the front seat area of your vehicle. With today's technology, our cellphones have an app which provides us with both visual and audio directions to a specific location. 

Regulations and accepted practices, can sometimes become "burdensome" when attempting to complete/finalize the transfer of real estate ownership. It goes with the territory! Try an imagine the doctor, who has to set aside his efforts to address a patient's suspected medical situation, only to wait on test results from a lab analysis? Sounds familiar.....realtors today, have to bide their time waiting for a survey to be performed or a title search to be completed. 

As we move forward assisting buyers and sellers transfer the sale of property.....keep in the back of your mind, maintaining the ability to accept/initiate change.....has/will become a mandatory skill set!       

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