What Is the ROI on a Garage Door Replacement?

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Every year, Remodeling Magazine publishes a Cost vs. Value Report to help homeowners analyze which renovation projects will yield the highest average return on investment in terms of increased resale value to the property.

Year after year, there is one renovation project that consistently yields higher than more popular projects such as kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom remodels. This project? A garage door replacement.

In 2020, the national average garage door replacement costs which is one totaled $3,695 but returned a staggering $3,491 in increased resale value, good for a robust 94.5% ROI. The following breakdown looks at why a garage door replacement is consistently one of the highest ROI projects in the remodeling industry.

Curb Appeal

According to Chuck Waltman, a garage additions contractor in Houston, people take pride in living in homes that look good, and the garage door is an area of the house that is likely to take its share of punishment. Whether from kids playing in the driveway, severe weather, or cars that back up a little too far, the garage door will accumulate scratches, dings, and dents over time. A new garage door can make a property shine like never before, instantly boosting curb appeal.


The torsion springs that raise and lower the garage door will start to show signs of wear after about 10 years, causing the door to make annoying sounds and rest cockeyed against the ground. A new garage door instantly fixes these issues.


The garage is a great place to work on projects and store things, but how can you ensure that your items are protected? The answer is insulation. Insulate the walls with r-value rated foam boards or install an insulated garage door so that air doesn't escape from the space when it's cold outside.

Safety and Security

A new garage door will close and lock more securely. They are also equipped with the latest security features that can protect your home from a break-in.

Upgrade Your Garage Door Today

A garage door replacement yields an astounding 94.5% ROI. By increasing curb appeal, functionality, and safety, it is a value-adding project to which all homeowners should give serious consideration.

John Pusa
Glendale, CA

Hello Matt Lee these are very good list of tips for ROI on a garage door replacement.

Oct 30, 2021 08:00 PM