The 4th Quarter Pivot

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The last quarter of the year brings so much to look forward to - from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve and everything in between. The joy of driving from mall to mall, hosting extravagant dinners, planning for epic parties...then cleaning up after the extravagant dinners and parties are over. Buying or selling a house is THE LAST thing on most people's to-do list. So how do we as Realtors keep that pipeline as full as our ever growing bellies? 

Pivot is the name of the game

To keep that white board full from October through December one must completely change the way they do business. The best way to explain this is via bullet point so here we go...

  • Change the conversation - To sellers, let them know that although the value of their home decreases slightly, it still may be a great time to sell depending on your situation. The buyer pool is lower during this time but the buyers that are prioritizing the purchase of a home during this busy time are 100% committed and offers will be strong. This conversation usually eases a sellers mind and often times leads to an executed listing agreement.
  • The buyers conversation is cake. Let them know that now is the perfect time to buy. Less competition, lower prices and smooth closings as title reps, escrow officers and lenders are not drowning in paperwork. 
  • Make those calls and send those cards! It is literally the perfect time to send cards to your valued past and current clients. Wish them a Happy Christmas and ask for referrals. Pick up the phone and see if they have time to grab a PSL at Starbucks. If you're not communicating with your clients now, your doing yourself a huge disservice.
  • Do what everyone does best during the holidays and GIVE BACK. Volunteer at the local soup kitchen, host a blanket drive, adopt a family for Christmas, donate Thanksgiving dinners to those in need. Do it because you are a descent human being but also because it is a great time to showcase your generosity via social media platforms. I promise your FB post at the church fundraiser will get you a lot more potential business than posting your most recent sale.  
  • Lastly - don't let off steam. This is the biggest downfall of even the best of agents. It is so easy to fall in to the holiday trap. Two week vacations are so tempting but detrimental to your pipeline.

Obviously take time to enjoy your family and friends and be grateful for all the successes in your life but do it with your phone nearby. Your first quarter will thank you!

- Jason Tadeo

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