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Welcome to the ActiveRain Delaware Valley Region Group!

The intended purpose of this group is to provide a forum to share information and resources that are of specific interest to those of us who live and work in the Delaware Valley region (NJ-PA-DE), including South Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. Also called the "Tri-State" area, it includes the Philadelphia Metro area.

It is a way for us to network, meet new friends, exchange ideas, build relationships and share news and experiences.

Post anything you believe may be of general interest or benefit to those of us in the Delaware Valley.  If you have a question about a community or resource in the Delaware Valley region, post it here for others to help you. 

Please feel free to contribute and to make any comments and suggestions about the direction this group should take and the topics for discussion.   

Posting Guidelines -- Please read BEFORE posting any articles:

While most of the posting criteria for this group is based on general ActiveRain guidelines, there are a few specific to this group (although most groups have similar ones):

1. No spamming... this includes personal advertisements, advertisements disgused as announcements etc. 

If you want people to get to know you, we have provided almost unlimited means for you to do so...

First, start posting comments to group posts that are of interest to you and where you can contribute your expertise for the benefit of the rest of us.

Second, submit your own posts to the group, sharing your knowledge, incite, experience and ideas that will benefit the rest of us.

2. Stay on focus.

Just because you write a great post for which everyone may be interested, does not mean it should also be included in this group. 

For those that have the tendency or urge to do this, allow me to make a suggestion...
It will probably be better to post the majority of your posts in the [*** make appropriate substitution here ***] group which are more generic with respect to readers and not this group, unless you want to specifically apply it to this group as a tutorial.

If you are discussing a fairly involved topic, unless it is a practical application that the majority can quickly grasp, it is my suggestion to post to "[** substitute appropriate group here ***]" and similar areas, then submit "practical application" and/or "tutorial" posts to groups like this (incorporating links to the more detailed posts as references) with specific examples oriented to this group.

We believe you will have more readership for those situations.  (And extra AR points for the posts :-)

Otherwise, most people will see it as "noise" within the group and we are being "encouraged" to filter out as much "noise" as possible that does not deal specifically and directly focus on the objectives of this group.

3. Avoid ALL CAPS in titles.

While you think you are getting more attention that way, it actually does the reverse as most people view ALL CAPS in titles as either flaming, inexperienced poster, spam, immaturity or a combination of them.  ALL CAPS in the heading, while it may make you stand out, are actually harder to read and most people tend to ignore associating with advertising.   In order to avoid the "spamming" look of other blogs, we will remove automatically (do not have the time to notify poster) any entries that are ALL CAPS in the title.  (If that happens to your entry, all you have to do is correct the title using upper/lower case and then resubmit.)

4. No Listings.

ActiveRain has way too many other means to show off your listings, including specific listings groups, and placement in Localism.  Take advantage of those great advertising opportunities. 

Including a listing in the Delaware Valley group will not give you any extra advantage with Google and other search engines if you are posted to other groups and Localism. We were getting complaints that the group was starting to look like mostly spam.  So, any listings will be automatically deleted.  This includes notices about changes in status or special showings of the property. Those are still listings in disguise. Realtors in the Delaware Valley have local and regional MLS's, such as Trend, and other avenues to find out about your property when/if they have a client interested.  (If you want to highlight a neighborhood and include examples of current homes for sale, we will accept those posts for now and see how it is accepted by the group.)

Thank you for becoming part of our group.  Please feel free to contribute and to make any comments and suggestions about the direction this group should take and the topics for discussion.

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Janice Roosevelt
Keller Williams Brandywine Valley - West Chester, PA
OICP ABR, ePRO,Ecobroker

Lawrence, thank you for creating this group. I've been glad to have found it. Have a terrific weekend!

Feb 12, 2009 10:06 PM