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When I was in my teens I kept a list of quotes that I collected from various sources that made me stop and think. They were always something that I agreed with and assumed most others would agree with as well.

Now I am completely surprised by comments and quotes from public figures, quite a few of which I do not agree with.

The fact is people a malleable, they can be taught almost anything, which is proven by religion over the years. But we have a choice to create our own circumstance, and I was reminded of that when I came across this old quote.

Our thoughts create our emotions.

Our emotions create our actions.

Our actions, repeated, form our habits.

Our habits form our character.

Our character influences our destiny.

 I hope your thoughts lead you to happy habits and a stellar destiny!


Be well

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Kat Palmiotti
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Establishing healthy habits can definitely result in a much fuller and more enjoyable life.

Nov 06, 2021 06:22 AM
Matt Brady

Good morning Kat, Yes, and establishing bad habits can do the opposite. I feel so blessed to have been raised when personal responsibility and accountability were promininent parts of our public and privat lives.


Nov 06, 2021 10:24 AM