4 Fresno Loan Company Expert Advice by Tom Valentino & Linda Peltz

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Getting a loan company near me is part of the necessary task you need to accomplish in purchasing a house. Thinking about the FHA loan limits Fresno may bring more stress than the benefits itself. However, it may be different if you stop thinking and start to do something real.

The circumstance leads Linda Peltz
to have a fun chat with Thomas Valentino. Tom has been in the banking industry for about 20 years until now. Currently, Tom works for Scenic Oaks Funding, one of the most credible FHA loans in California.

Find out more about Loan Company near me advice for buyers and investor out there in this video below. This will help you to consider your move before purchasing a realty Fresno.


1. Consider the First Time Home Buyer Program

Tom mentioned that one of the hottest services in the loan company near me at the moment is the “First Time Home Buyer Program”. This program is an opportunity for you who is hardly interested in purchasing a house.

First time home buyer program is insured by the Federal Housing Administration as a government-backed mortgage for those who are very interested in purchasing a home. They will help you with all of the gory details tailed in the idea of buying a house.

Not only handling the paperwork and helping you measure how much you can afford. FHA loan limits Fresno also covers 100% down payment in purchasing your first house, and about 3% of its closing cost.

However, remember that this service will only be available for you who haven’t even purchased a house before. This is a chance for you.


Loan company near me Fresno CA

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2. Determine the Potential Market

Purchasing a house in a potential market is an investment for your future. There will always be ups and downs, but a potential market is what you wanted.

Tom and Linda agreed that there is no loss in purchasing a potential market by using a loan company near me. For example is the growth of Clovis in the California house market at the moment. The high demand and the low stock supply is the reason why Clovis listings are becoming so popular.

It is great to consider a potential market. However, kindly consider how much you could afford with FHA loan limits Fresno. Do not impose yourself to get something off your limits.

3. How Bad Do You Want the House?

Once when you finally found the house you wanted to purchase, you have to think how bad you want the house. Because if you really desire to purchase the house, there are things you hardly need to accomplish.

Once you suit the house so well, don’t wait until tomorrow and regret it after the property is gone.

4. Make Sure with the Loan Company Near Me

Even when you got the news that you are ‘pre-approved’ already, you are required to do a double check with your financial advisors. Make sure that you are pre-approved before starting to search for your future house with realty Fresno.

As making a loan company near me approval is not an easy task. There is tons of paperwork and attachment. Then, if you find the home before the pre-approval, don’t be disappointed once the property is spotted by other house buyers who closed the deals immediately.

Tom says that the very first step in thinking of purchasing a house is giving a call to the loan company near me. Discuss with him and see if you are ready enough to be a landlord.

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