Are you using QR codes on your print flyers?

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QR codes are not pretty. QR codes used to be super nerdy and look like barcodes. Consumers didn't know what to do with it. Agents didn't know what to do with it. It's been around for many years, but only now it's becoming ubiquitous, with the pandemic turning marketing surfaces touch-less with these codes. You can find them at ads, on billboards, at restaurants, at checkin at the pharmacy. Everywhere.

So are you using them on your real estate print marketing materials? 

Let us know in the comment section below!

We have been providing QR codes for years (back when it was too nerdy for mess adaptation) but now that it became a must have in our opinion, we wanted to make sure that it's also very accessible for you.

We just launched some super simple, super pretty, super powerful QR code based printable flyers for all your listings on RealBird. They are automatically set up for each of your listings and you can print as many as you wish. Or you can export them as PDF and send them to your print shop. 

See a photo of Janie Coffey's example above the post or you can see the printable page here

It wouldn't be a RealBird feature though, if we didn't add a few tricks to it for advanced users. Use it as a click-and-print flyer option, or if you wish, you can show/hide property details and backlink QR codes to your RealBird landing pages, to your property website with full details, or even to your external listing presentations such as a Matterport or a Youtube tour.

Super simple, super powerful, super pretty, super affordable. In our biased opinion of course :)

For those of you who are new to RealBird. RealBird PRO costs only $180 per year for unlimited listing marketing (resale and rentals alike). That's only $15 per month effective rate. That is almost free, considering that you can build unlimited property websites, photos tours, landing pages, touchless online open house sign-in forms, listing syndication, QR codes, SMS text codes and now beautiful print flyers and more. Yes, for all of your listings. Yes, for only $15/month effective rate with the annual subscription. Sign up today and we'll send you an instant 30% rebate on your first payment!

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Thomas J. Nelson, REALTOR ® e-Pro CRS RCS-D Vets
Big Block Realty 858.232.8722 - La Jolla, CA
& Host of Postcards From Success Podcast

It's funny, QR Codes went out of fashion and in fact looked dated for years, but then the pandemic hit and they came back with a vengeance and I think more people use them now that ever before.

Jan 23, 2022 06:53 AM
RealBird Real Estate Marketing

Exactly. And yesterday, Coinbase made it main stream big time with their SuperBowl ad.

QR codes are now well integrated with both Android and iOS. The native photo apps can now seamlessly scan them. QR codes are now all over, from subway ads to online ads to billboards. We think it's an absolute must have for real estate ads too, not the prettiest piece of design, but if done right, they are not distractive and very functional.



Feb 14, 2022 12:25 PM