We're not in an information society. There's too much already.

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Recently I was listening to Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi about all the amazing amount of self proclaimed coaches and gurus and the Internet highway which is littered with so much material ( many well written or promoted ) and it really did hit home when they said their is so much material it would be virtually impossible to decipher the correct approach or content to utilize in order to bring forward an accurate and better representation of the subject or material your'e  working  on.

Slapping stuff out there, having less than stellar ads right out in the front of the public, using outdated and less responsive ways just wont cut it anymore. My name is Tom Braatz and for 37 years along with my partner Matt Gilson we focus on innovation, creativity, and doing what many  agents wouldn't do. We think out of the box, use response generated marketing, we are at our listings so we may sell the property ourselves. Our technology is so well though out, and of course we treat each listing we have as if it was a million dollar property. We have a solid game plan that allows Matt and I to shake a lot of hands. We invite you to call us and make an appointment and let us tell you the quality we will always use to let us shake your home at closing. We bring some solid information with us for you. It's out intentions that we bring you an amazing offer that will exceed your expectations

We encourage you to contact us and let's get you to that solid closing.

Tom Braatz                                                                               Matt Gilson

262-377-1459                                                                            262-436-1311

yourhomeclosed@gmail.com                                         Matthew.Gilson@cbrealty.com

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