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Choosing the home design style can be difficult. There are so many options to choose from, and each design has its own pros and cons. You might find that one design suits you more than the others. Or you could end up falling in love with a couple of designs and can't decide on which one to go with.


The decision is not easy; however, it will be worth your time and effort in the end, because you will get a home that is custom-built for your needs and lifestyle. After all, the choice of the interior decorating styles of your home is something that you will live with for many years to come. So make sure that it's something that you like and is comfortable for you and your family to live in.


If you can’t make up your mind, you’re certainly not alone. Look at some of these popular home styles to get your creativity flowing for your redesign project.



The farmhouse style is a classic look that has stood the test of time. The best way to describe it is as a warm, down-to-earth aesthetic that highlights natural elements like wood, exposed brick, and simple patterns. Exposed beams, raw wood dining tables, and a plethora of plants help create a no-fuss, practical design, while warm, earthy pallets and industrial finishes make your home seem traditional without being old-fashioned.


Farmhouse style is all about simplicity. The more neutral the color scheme, the better. It's the perfect look for people who want to focus on their decor rather than their furniture.





The style emerged in the 1920s, when the German Bauhaus school began encouraging architects to build with simple lines, clean white surfaces, and natural materials. This philosophy spread throughout Europe and eventually to the United States, inspiring architects like Richard Neutra to design modern homes with flat roofs, open floor plans and minimal ornamentation.


Noted for their minimalism and simplicity, modern homes tend to be small, featuring open floor plans and clean lines. In addition to being sleek and simple, they're typically bright inside, with large windows and walls of glass.


The main selling point of modern homes is the simple elegance that exudes from them. A modern home will look great in any neighborhood because it doesn't stand out from its surroundings in a negative way, but instead blends in flawlessly.




With contemporary homes, you will find a mixture of modern and traditional elements. The decor is often "clean" but there may be some objects that hold sentimental value in an otherwise minimalist space.


While often confused with modernism due to a few shared elements, contemporary homes are distinct from modern homes, which are often characterized by simple, geometric forms and unadorned surfaces. Contemporary homes can feature straight lines and flat surfaces, but they may also incorporate curves and soft edges. The lack of strict guidelines is perhaps the defining feature of contemporary style, which opens the possibilities for creative designs.




More than a design movement, minimalism embraces the idea that less is more. Minimalism is not about getting rid of everything in your home but learning to get by with less. It means developing a keen sense for experiences over possessions.

People often think minimalism is only about aesthetics, but it's much more than that. Minimalism can shape how you spend your time, what you buy, who you associate with and how you spend money. It goes beyond just your home or your possessions to influence how you live life.


Minimalist living can be seen in homes and apartments of all shapes and sizes, from sprawling mansions to cozy bungalows. The key here is that no matter how large or small your living space is, you're choosing only the most essential of elements to make your space functional and beautiful. With less stuff in your home, there’s less to clean, less to distract, and more room for you to live and entertain.


Like modern home designs, minimalist homes often get accused of lacking character and warmth — but, like modern homes, done right, they can be a mentally soothing and relaxing space.



A good roof never goes out of style.

Home design trends come and go, but a beautiful roof will make your home look good for years to come.


The right roof can add curb appeal to any style of home, from a modern home to a minimalist. A poor roof selection, on the other hand, can take away from the beauty of your home and even damage its overall value.


Even as the times change and your house goes through its phases, Peak Roofing and Exteriors roofs stand the test of time. Our warranty guarantees your roof will last season after season. Contact Peak Roofing and Exteriors at 866-680-0853 or visit us online to request an estimate in Fayetteville, Little Rock, and Monroe, LA.

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Hello Chuck - the choices can often seem overwhelming but if planned properly can turn into "fun" "enjoyable" and quite worthwhile.  

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Hello Chuck and great information to share with us here in the Rain.  May you have a super day!

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