November - Top 3 Paint Colors of the Month

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I live and breathe paint colors for a living. I come across so many underrated colors and I feel that it's my duty to share them with the world. 

So I am starting a "top 3 colors of the month" post series. In this, I will feature the 3 top colors I am loving for the month. You can expect to see a ton of neutrals but also dark colors, light colors, vibrant colors, and muted colors. It will truly be a mixed bag of paint colors.

I was going to do a separate post to start off the series but what the hell, I'm here and pretty excited to get this going.

November - Top 3 Paint Colors of the Month

1. Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

This may not be the most underrated color( it is on the Sherwin Williams top 50 lists) however it's way too beautiful of a white paint color not to mention. Greek Villa is not a clean, cool white. If you are looking for a crisp white, Greek Villa is not for you. This is a warm sort of creamy off-white. I say sort of creamy because it's not overly creamy yet, there is a hint of it there. Plain and simple it's a fantastic warm white paint color. 

2. Benjamin Moore Sherwood Green

Green is trending right now and this is a fantastic green option from Benjamin Moore. This is a part of the BM Historical Collection.  Sherwood Green is not a Christmas green. It's more of a muted almost mossy green. I'd consider this one more of a mid-toned green. If you are jumping on the green train, I highly suggest giving Sherwood Green a look.

3. Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan

I'm seeing more and more requests for non-gray paint colors. One, in particular, Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan. This is a gorgeous neutral beige that has warmth to it. The warmth of this color provides an insane about of coziness to any room you use it. Manchester is not the lightest color but not the darkest either. It's such a beautiful neutral color to use in rooms with a lot of natural light. This color can also be described as a mushroom paint color, which has a natural earthy feel.


There you have it, my top 3 paint colors for November. These are such great paint colors, I highly recommend taking a look at them



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