Leander, TX: How to Avoid a Federal Tax Lien

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I am an Enrolled Agent who represents taxpayers in Leander and central Texas who owe the IRS, have unfiled tax returns, are being threatened with collection enforcement, or similar issue.

I continue to work with many clients owing more than $50K. When requesting an IRS installment agreement for balances more than $50K, the IRS states it will automatically file a federal tax lien. That can obviously be detrimental to the taxpayer for many reasons. It can affect current or future employment, financing a new home purchase, refinancing an existing home loan, and other credit related impact.

The IRS offers a 180 day extension full payment option for taxpayers owing more than $50K. This option gives the taxpayer 180 days to pay the balance below $50K in order to set up an installment agreement AND avoid a federal tax lien. Also, IRS collections activity is suspended during the 180 days.

This has been useful for me in quite a few cases, especially where we agree with the balance owed and the taxpayer is able to pay down the balance below $50K within the 180 day period.

Once requested, the IRS will send a letter stating the terms of the 180 day extension full payment.

Navigating your way through IRS collections can be challenging and confusing.

If you or someone you know owes the IRS, has unfiled tax returns, or other unresolved IRS tax problems, please feel free to contact me at either (512) 592-7720 or by email at peter@thetaxproadvisor.com.

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