Sample Those Paint Colors!

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Let's talk about sampling paint colors. It has to be done. Plain and simple. 

I work with paint colors all the time yet I still think and know it's imperative for a homeowner to test the paint color in their home. You can be 99% sure that the color you choose will work in your home BUT there is that 1 % that is an uncertainty.

Why would you want to risk the extra time not to mention the extra expenses that accrue from having to repaint? Quite frankly it's mind-boggling to me. If there is a way to ensure a paint color will look good in your home, why would you elect to skip that step?

I have had homeowners come to me after they choose a gray paint color only to find out that it looks blue on their walls. And my first question is, "did you test the paint color in your home beforehand?" The answer, "no". This is always the case.

I hate to see people wasting their money by repainting. I certainly would not want to go through that. 

I know this seems to be a little bit of a rant and it is, but it's also a PSA to everyone and anyone choosing paint colors. 

All you need to do is swatch the paint color in your home. It's a sure-fire way to see how the paint color will perform. 

There are several ways to test paint colors now. You can opt for the traditional way of painting a swatch on the wall or you can go for purchasing peel & stick paint samples (my favorite way).  You even make your own sample boards. 

Choose a way and sample those paint colors!

Spread the word, tell your family, friends, clients, neighbors, strangers, anyone who will listen to you. If you know someone trying to pick a paint color, make sure they test the paint samples first. It will save them from possibly making a big mistake. 




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