One of the Most Misunderstood Careers in America

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It is always so interesting when people ask me questions about the real state business, how the market is, what is going on, what do I feel the future hold. Maybe it is somewhat like what a child experiences at Christmas time. Have you ever anticipated getting one thing, wanting something else, and receiving something completely different, and were either more satisfied or less satisfied than if you had of receiving the one big toy you wanted?

 For the most part it is not uncommon to be receiving a buyer to help or a seller calling to sell, and they are the last person on earth you would have expected to hear from. Or it is a person who you have never met before, and they have been referred to you by a client you haven’t talked to within years.

 You take a listing and expect it to sell in two days, and it takes a month, with 29 showings you expect eventually to have to adjust the price or get an offer below the list price, and it sells for full list price.

 You have no buyers, no current listings, and have not had in a few weeks, you begin to wonder, is this the end of my career, and in the next hour, you have two new buyers and a listing appointment. Therefore, most people can’t cope with a wonderful real estate sales career. The mindset must be right, you must establish a set of attitudes in order to enjoy a good seven to eight hours of sleep nightly, and a recognition (is what I have) that my career has been and is far more fun and exciting than almost all of the 124 classmates I graduated with from high school.

 I hope your day is as great as mine

 Dan Dee McGinnis

The Pumpkin Man



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