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The goal of putting your house on the market is to sell it quickly for the best possible price. While most of the selling process is out of your control, there’s one concrete step you can take to improve your experience – stage your house. 

Here’s how to identify and stage the most important spaces in your home. 

Why Staging Matters

Staging your home makes it accessible for potential buyers. A staged home shows off the full potential of your house and invites potential buyers to imagine themselves living their dream life there. 

Staged homes can sell for as much as 17% more than an unstaged house, or around 97% of the asking price. This is especially true for homes in low-income areas, where many other sellers aren’t staging. Staging can strongly affect buyers’ first and last impression of your home, showing why it’s worth what you’re asking. 

In addition to increasing the final sale price, staging can also help your home sell faster. Around 95% of staged homes sell within 11 days, although the average is 56 days. Less time on the market means less financial and personal stress for you during your home transition. 

From every angle, staging is the best way to sell your home quickly and for what it’s worth. 

Which Rooms to Stage

According to the National Association of Realtors, the most valuable room to stage is your living room. People spend a lot of time in this space, so it defines what life may look like in your home. 

The second most valuable space to stage is the kitchen. However, you don’t need to completely renovate it to make a good impression on buyers. A few budget-friendly changes can go far toward refreshing this space. Other valuable rooms to stage are the master bedroom, dining room, yard and bathrooms.

Because first impressions are so important, your entryway is one of the most valuable spaces you can update. Repainting your front door, adding a wreath or rearranging furniture can help you sell your home. 

How to Stage on a Budget

If you hire a professional, staging your whole home can cost between $628 and $2,364. However, you can partially stage your house on your own for less money. 

Here are a few ways to stage the most important spaces in your home on a budget: 

Clear Out Clutter 

Nothing drowns the potential of a space like clutter. You want potential buyers to leave with a vision of your house, not what you keep in it. Furniture and decorative items should serve to show off each area. 

Selling your home is the perfect time for you to get rid of excess clothes, books and papers that fill your home and stress you out.  Alternatively, you can rent a storage space or move everything into the closet until your house sells. 

Do a Deep Clean

Potential buyers are looking for a place to start a new season of their life, and they won’t gravitate toward a dirty space. Help buyers envision living in your home by scrubbing, dusting and spraying your living space.

To clear away bad odors, open windows and put citrus peel down the garbage disposal. You can also invest in a spray to clear away any offensive odors – just be careful it doesn’t contain any allergens that could affect potential buyers. 

Give Spaces Purpose

Most of the rooms in your house have a single purpose. For instance, your kitchen is for meal prep and eating, and your living room is for resting and hosting friends. The purpose of each room drives the furniture and decor you have in each space. 

One way to heighten buyer appeal is to make sure the purpose of each room is clear. For instance, if all you have in your living room is a couch and a TV, the room won’t appeal to many buyers. Consider warming the space up with bookcases, plants, a rug and alternate seating. 

Clearing out personal items will also help potential buyers see themselves in your home. Invest in a few plants and fresh curtains to elevate a room for a low cost. Try to keep colors neutral and coordinated. 

Staging on a Budget

Staging has a significant impact on how your home sells and is relatively simple to do yourself. Prioritizing rooms that get the most attention can boost your home’s value with just a few inexpensive changes.

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