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Helpful Resources for Anyone Moving to Kona, Hawaii

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If you've decided to make the big move to Kona, Hawaii, congratulations, it's a great place to live. Now, it's time to figure out some of the logistics. Hopefully, I can help.

Pets? If you have a dog or cat, you can bring them home from the airport shortly after you arrive. That's a big change from the 30 day quarantine on Oahu that was required when I moved to Kona. You do however, need to follow a strict protocol on the rabies antibody test timeline. Here is a link to the State of Hawaii Animal Industry Division . They have everything you need, including applications, forms and check lists.

Transferring your out of state drivers license for a Hawaii license, is a good idea. Having a Hawaii drivers license can get you Kamaiiana rates on hotel stays, golf and other fun stuff. At the County of Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicles and licensing , they ask for very specific documents to verify your identification. It's not uncommon to see people being sent away to retrieve the correct documents. See the requirements at the link above. This is also the same place that you register your vehicle. Remember, your out of state plates are good until expired.

Need electricity? HELCO or, Hawaii Electric Light Company is the place. It's located right in Kailua at 74-5519 Kaiwai Street/ (808) 329-3584.

The Hawaii County Water Department is located at 78-6717 Mamalahoa Hwy, Holualoa, HI 96725/ (808) 322-0600. 

If you are shipping a container with your belongings, Matson Shipping is really the only way to go. Unless you hire a private moving company. It's pretty simple, they make arrangements for a trucking company to drop one of their containers off at your house, you fill it up, then they drive it to the port for shipping. They have 20 and 40 foot containers. A 20 footer will handle the contents of most 3 bedroom houses.

When it comes to shipping a car or truck, you have choices. PASHA Hawaii will drive your vehicle onto one of their transport vessels and you pick it up at the port in Hilo Hawaii. Matson puts your car in a container at the mainland port and you pick it up at Kawaihae Harbor. In both cases, you deliver the vehicle to the port. There are also companies that will pick up your car at your home, for a fee. Compare prices because they're not the same.

Oh, and one last little thing. If you need help finding a home to purchase, I provide excellent buyer representation, absolutely free of charge.



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