Top  Beauty Trends for Fall 2021

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This winter you should spike up your makeup. Make the end of this year great, and celebrate the holidays being one hundred percent confident in your makeup choices. These are the trends that 2021 brought.

We will talk about permanent and semi-permanent makeup that will look sharp for this holiday season! Finish this year with the trends that were brought about in 2021.


Selfcare in 2021 is a priority to recover from 2020. This has developed into haircare trends. We have more accessibility to hairstylists this year, and we want to look beautiful coming out of quarantine. It is super exciting to have the availability, but now we are having to take care of it. The most popular hair care products are Moroccanoil Voluminizing Mist, Olapex No.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment, and Leonor Greyl massaging Scalp Brush.

At-home peel masks

Peel masks are a substitution for expensive facials. Since skincare became a huge trend during quarantine, peel-off marks came with it. These are a great way to take to gunk out of your pores and feel the fresh baby's smooth skin. Our best choices are:

  • Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel
  • TLC Sukari Babyfacial Facial lissant
  • The Ordinary: AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Bold brows

Bold brows are a statement. They are a prominent feature on your face that shows expression, personality, and sass. Having the right Brow shape is important. Brow Waxing, brow lamination, and brow threading are popular ways to shape your brows in 2021.

Brow Services in Austin:

  • Brow Lamination in Austin
  • Brow waxing: 26th and Butler

Lashes! (lash extensions) (lash lift and tint Austin)

Lashes are a popular addition to bring out the natural characteristics in your eyes. During quarantine, it has been popular to do at-home extensions, but now that things are opening up it will be nice to have the professionals do the work. Lash extension places in Austin, Texas: Bewinked, The Lash Lounge Austin Mueller, and Sweet Lashes Brows and Skin.

Lash Lift and Tint

Instead of having the damage from lash extensions, lash lift and tints are a great substitute. They have become popular to do at home in 2020 as well but in 2021 we can have someone do a professional job. Lash lifts and tints last for weeks and you don't lose eyelashes. This looks like a natural mascara coat and curl.

Lash lift and tint in Austin:

  • The Lash Lounge Austin
  • Lashes de Bella and Skincare
  • Amazing Lash Studio

Spray tan (spray tan Austin)

I don’t know about you but I feel a little pasty when it comes to winter. My skin looks bleh! I want a radiating glow just like summertime. But Spray tans can help! The process takes minutes but then the result lasts weeks. At each spray tan shop, there will be several shades to choose from. These will help make the transition from pasty to tan!

Spray Tan Places in Austin:

  • Parlor Beauty Bar
  • Better Bronze Custom Airbrush Tanning
  • Simply Golden Airbrush Tanning

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