8 Low-Cost High-Impact Luxuries You Should Try This Year

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Designing an awesome home need not be very expensive. The key is paying attention to details and investing in design elements that can transform a space into a chic design haven that look and feel like it came out of a luxury home magazine. Below are some low-coast but high-impact luxurious finishes that you can try to give your home extra class.

Switch Up Your Switch Plates

Your old switches and switch plates can date your home or give it a cheap look. By simply upgrading switch plates, you can achieve a feel similar to when you’ve had your home repainted. You’ll get lots of returns for such an easy hack.

Update Your House Number

A beautifully crafted house number is a great way to make a difference for your home’s exterior. One that is clearly visible from across the street and with prominent placement is due to turn heads, more so if with a good finish. Try placing your house number on a wall or at a post for a home with gated entry. This elegant upgrade is a universal trick that will work with any property.

Invest in Gorgeous Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is often only taken cared of as an afterthought, but it deserves more care because of the attention it gets from passersby and the impact it can have on your home’s exteriors. Note that your front door and your outdoor lighting is what people will see first when visiting your home. If a new fixture will not work with your existing wiring, we suggest that you get the services of an electrician to install new fixtures or rewire as needed.

Wires Be Gone!

Wires everywhere in a beautiful home are a major eye sore. By simply tucking cords to where they can’t be seen, you’ll be giving your home a sleeker and more high-end look similar to those found in designed interiors in magazines. Rewiring and placing outlets exactly where you need them might cost you a bit now but this hack is significantly low cost compared to other things that do not give as much impact.

Invest in Quality Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are usually the last thing you would think of when trying to design for luxury, but these small pillows can make a world of a difference for your home. You can refresh an entire room by simply replacing the throw pillows with those that are a bit bigger and fluffier stuffed in beautiful covers that complement the rest of your design. More often than not, the quality of the insert has a bigger impact than the fabric you choose for the cover. Choose wisely.

Install Decorative Drains

One thing that luxury interiors usually have is customised details. You can get the look for less by switching generic drains with decorative ones that can give you that designer feel. Be sure to purchase extras for future use.

Less Is More

Have you noticed that luxury homes that have had a designer’s touch features less things in display and still look grand? A less cluttered look brings more value because each thing on display is given its own space to shine.

Stay Away from Too Much Color

Jumping off from the previous tip, picking a colour scheme that has just 3-5 colours is one way of upgrading your home’s design without spending too much. By not using too many colours there will be less visual distraction therefore giving your home a more cohesive look, just as if it was designed.

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