Why NOT Cleaning Up Your Garden in Fall is a Great Idea

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A lot of you might be thinking of how labour-intensive it would be to clean up your fall garden in preparation for winter in just a few more weeks; but have you thought about letting things be and let nature run her course?

In today’s blog, we’ll share with you some reasons that would make deciding not to clean up your fall garden one of the best things you can do this year. Sit back, put on your reading glasses, and be prepared to take some notes!

You’ll Save Yourself from Getting Tired

Why would you work on your garden just when the weather is turning colder? You should be enjoying time with your loved ones and not toiling outside for a garden that would be blanketed in snow anyway. Try something else, like maybe preparing your living room for the holidays and you’ll thank yourself later.

You’ll Be Protecting Your Plants (and Wildlife too!)

Not hacking down your perennials means that the branches will be collecting snow and will be protecting the root system from getting too cold. This will help your perennials rebound back easier come spring!

As for protecting wildlife, do you have any idea how many small insects, amphibians, and reptiles gets thrown out with the leaves and twigs in the trash? Because a lot of them are already hibernating by the time most people start their fall clean-up, these creatures usually end up dead because they’re unable to escape. Have a heart and let them be.

You’ll Be Welcoming New Neighbours

A lot of birds feed on hibernating small creatures come winter time. If you’ve let those small creatures be in your garden, you’ll be helping the birds survive! As for those who become bird feed, you’ll still be helping-out nature. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get to witness the circle of life when the same birds decide to raise their young in your garden later!

You’ll See Your Garden in a Whole New Light

You’ll be mesmerized by snow-blanketed perennials and the glistening allure of ice as snow melts and freezes over your plants and now ‘unruly’ garden. What a backdrop for some cold weather picture taking, eh?

You’ll Love Gardening in All Four Seasons

Letting your garden be for winter means your garden will get a head start come spring. You won’t miss a beat and your plants are likely to be the first ones to sprout green when the weather gets a little bit warmer. You’ll get to see nature reawaken right in your own yard! Isn’t that absolutely lovely and worth looking forward to?

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Joan Cox
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Goodale, good advice, and spreading the fallen leaves around the base of plants really helps too.

Nov 29, 2021 09:27 AM