Factors to Consider When Selling a House During Winter

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While it’s often universally acknowledged that mid-spring is the best time to sell a property, that doesn’t mean that the real estate market takes a break for the rest of the year.

Properties are bought and sold year-round, and many of those prefer the alternative seasons for engaging in the real estate market.

Covid has also shifted the way certain seasons are performing in real estate. While wintertime is often considered a slow period for the housing market, this has less so been less since the pandemic began.

“Despite this being a historically slower period, with few people travelling over the holiday season, we are seeing no signs of market activity letting up,” wrote Harvey Kalles Real Estate agents in a newsletter published last December.

While some challenges come with selling property in winter, there are a few surprising benefits as well.

If you’re thinking of listing your house this winter, here are some pros and cons to consider.

Motivated Buyers

While spring, summer, and even fall are times where many people happily go out for a drive or willingly spend their time outside travelling for things like viewing houses, far fewer venture out during winter. This means while you may have less traffic seeing your house. However, it also filters out the “just browsing” type of buyers and instead brings in the motivated ones more likely to be actively seeking a new home.

These could be buyers moving due to work, about to expand their family, or generally needing a new change of space ASAP. No matter their reason, these winter buyers are often far more serious about purchasing right away, leading to a quicker turnaround on the sale of your house.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is incredibly important when it comes to selling your home, especially during our digital age where your home’s exterior photo is what will often be the deciding factor whether somebody clicks on your listing or scroll right by it.

During warmer seasons, landscaping can enhance curb appeals, such as maintained lawns and thriving gardens. During winter, however, all of these selling points are hidden away under the snow. Often trees and shrubs are reduced to dead branches, and all colour schemes are washed away in a blanket of white.

However, the snow can also be a blessing in disguise! Hiding away unwanted blemishes and poor landscaping. Additionally, there are things you can do to improve your home’s winter appeal, however. Keeping your driveways and any other pathways to the house maintained can show the property is well kept. You can also consider outdoor plans that stay green during winter, such as Wintergreen Boxwoods, to create pops of colour on your lawn.

The Timing May Be to Your Benefit

While winter can be a slower season for many businesses, this may benefit you in your move. Many real-estate-related businesses such as home movers, landscapers, stagers, renovators and may not only offer you more undivided attention and faster service, but many will offer discounted pricing during these times.

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Winter homes with snow look great. Do not have any here in New Olreans like that. Join me....Just blogged before you. Eric


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