Thanksgiving Felt a Lot Better This Year!

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Our family enjoyed Thanksgiving together this year.  See below some of the things below for which we were thankful.

There are so many things to be thankful for 

Where might I begin? 

Little faces to adore 
And finally tucking them in 
Little boys and little girls 
To perpetuate our race 
Simple toys and pretty curls 
And a smile on every face 
Relatives of all shapes and sizes  
Available just when you want them to be 
Playing games and winning prizes 
Sharing a meal and laughing with glee 
Warming up by a roaring fire 
Winter’s rosy red cheeks 
Finding a book that you desire 
And reading it for weeks 
Inner peace to share with yourself 
And time to be with others 
Pretending to be a jolly old elf 
And finally having your druthers 
Having the freedom to follow your own pursuits 
The beauty of falling snow 
Exulting with hollers and hoots 
Watching your family grow 
A few moments in daily prayer 
Being kind to a friend 
Steak as you like it, not too rare 
Having no need to pretend 
Watching with your nose to the window pressed 
The excitement of receiving something new 
Enjoying a peaceful world at rest  
And these are just a few  
-Jeff Jensen             

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