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Wow, what a year for real estate huh? 2021 was a year for the record books! I'm sure many Realtors had a record year...and we are thankful despite all the other things far from perfect in our world. The current real estate market looks to continue to be awesome!

For the first 13 years of our career, my wife Melynda and I were agents in Iowa. In 2015 we took off for the east valley of Phoenix and started over, while still helping a few special clients in Iowa.

After each year we would analyze where our business came from, what we would add or delete and set a goal for the upcoming year.

2021 just happened to be our 20th year in business together. What a year it was!



We surpassed our '21 goal by $100,000 and have been so thankful for the great clients who we have had the pleasure to work with. It has been a magical year full of opportunity. We are so happy that we took the risk and moved away from cold winters, lower price points and brokers who take way too much of your money.

We love our new brokerage and broker at ProSmart Realty. In the past we always associated ourselves with the national brands. We have found that by spending money ala carte for business needs and pocketing more, really works for us.

Well here we are having gone through all of the emotions of being at a place in our business we have never been. First the excitement, contentment, feeling proud, and very thankful...We have always lived within our means and never felt "poor" when going through a bad time, or "rich" when closings are coming in regularly.

The other day it hit we are looking at 2022 and trying to figure out our business plan.  What will our goal be? Should it be more than what we did last year? It was quite a jump in business, but actually felt like a good pace. 

Fear is false evidence appearing real. Like we heard recently...when thoughts come into your mind that are negative, don't beat yourself up, but know how to redirect your thoughts to something that will serve you better.

This is the case of what some people have called..."Fear of Success." How do you stay motivated to repeat or even do more than you did last year?

For us, its taking the emotion out of's our 20th year. We are good at what we do. What activities are working and what would happen if we doubled it? What can we do to list homes in a little higher price range? What new habits can we start that will become easy over time by being consistent?

For us its always been about quality of life. Our health, faith, family and marriage are is second. The quality of our client is very important to staying happy and feeling fulfilled as well.

So what are you doing this next year to stay at the top of your game after setting records? Its tough for teams to win Super Bowls back to back. We all must have a plan and we all can pursue what we want.

We are rooting for you!


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Gary & Melynda Wolter CRS, CREN, MSP    

Realtor Certified Residential Specialist, Mesa/Gilbert/Queen Creek/Chandler, AZ

Licensed agent since 2001 "Premier Personal Service"




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Kat Palmiotti
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Always setting harder goals is the way to keep growing! I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect plan for 2022!

Dec 01, 2021 06:12 AM