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In real estate, first impressions are everything, so don't make a bad first impression. Before you decide to call a real estate agent in Idaho, you must first complete the following steps.


1. Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval

The first step before hiring a real estate agent is to learn about the many mortgage alternatives accessible to you. The duration, price, and interest rate of your mortgage are all affected by a variety of factors, and any one of them will determine the home you can afford. It's also worth noting that being pre-qualified for a mortgage is different from being pre-approved. While both processes examine your obligations, income, and assets, only a pre-approval requires you to fill out a formal mortgage application.


2. Research the Market

The pricing range of residences you should look at will be determined by the mortgage for which you have been pre-approved. However, if you're also selling, you'll need to be familiar with the market in your area for homes similar to yours. Keep in mind that while you can look for real estate advertising online and in the newspaper, you will only get information about the asking prices. A real estate agent can tell you how long homes have been on the market, if there have been any price reductions, and, most significantly, what the final prices are.


3. Clear out the clutter

Most of us have watched enough "Trading Spaces" episodes to know how to set up a home. But did you realize that impressing your real estate agent is also important? Preparing your home for an open house before an agent visit will allow the agent to see the full potential of your home and promote it more effectively.


  • Extra shoes and coats should be stored. The fact that things are on display signals a shortage of closet/storage space.
  • Remove all personal belongings. People like to imagine themselves in your environment, and photos of your family reunion will immediately put a stop to their fantasies.
  • Remove everything from your refrigerator. The appearance of a tidy and tranquil home will be ruined by a mess of alphabet magnets, postcards, and receipts.
  • Remove any unnecessary furniture. The more open areas you have in your home, the larger it appears, and the more room you have, the more people might envisage many possibilities for your home.


4. Keep it clean

A clean toilet will go a lot further than you might realize when it comes to selling your home. A neat home exudes pride of ownership and suggests that it has been well-kept and cared for. The aesthetic of your entrance, for example, is just as significant as any other component of the interior. Check the condition of your mailbox, door, mat, and trim. Dust and insects love light shades and fixtures, and while you may not notice them in your daily life, inquisitive homebuyers may be put off by your sloppy housekeeping.


5. Replacing, repairing, and refinishing

Many long-term homeowners have grown accustomed to retrofit repairs and aging or failing fixtures. Make sure to fix and paint the walls, for example. Re-painting in neutral colors will make it easier for people to visualize themselves in your room (think blank canvas), and a clean wall will show that you care about your property.


The first steps in selling or buying a home, like any significant sale or purchase, include investigation and planning. Before you engage a real estate agent in Idaho, it's up to you to make your home appealing. Remember that even the most skilled and experienced real estate agent can't help you sell unless you get an offer, and if you don't follow this list, your home won't be in high demand.


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