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So after years of living in the house you raised your family in, watched all the good times and the bad times pass, and add to that a mass of memories that you cherish you start to go through a phone book and look for one of the Waukesha County real estate companies to sell your home so you can move on and find  new place to call home. 

 waukesha county real estate

Waukesha County Real Estate  and Milwaukee County Real Estate has some great agents. We have the skills and talent that comes with 37 years of team work and I'd like to think we don't strive to be good; we strive to be extraordinary.

waukesha county real estate

 Real Estate Companies in Waukesha County Wisconsin and Real estate Companies in Milwaukee County Wisconsin have many different approaches. The approach I think that works is to sell your home for top dollar, with the least hassles, and in in a short amount of time. You decide on an add where a smiling family is walking into their new home and you are sure you are on the way to a smooth journey.

waukesha county real estate

Well, don't be so certain about that. Real Estate not only requires a ambitious Internet campaign but make no mistakes about it. It all comes back to the basics. It's important at times to question authority.

Waukesha County real estate

The question is how can you be so sure about that? I call expired listings everyday and the reason they are expired is they did not sell when it was listed because of improper marketing, weak game plan, lack of team work, improper pricing. . Add to that you want to make sure the lights are off, the house is locked up, ad you need to trust that your best interest are always taken care of. Buyers determine the market. That's why we open up our showings for Matt and I as well as co-brokes.

 waukesha county real estate

 I am Tom Braatz and along with Matt Gilson  and we work with Coldwell Banker. Want your seller or buyers package? It's yours for the asking.  Just call or text me at 262-377-1459 and give me some basic information. Don't worry, if we had any questions  we would contact you for clarification. You can email us at . Search for your next home or request a market at Waukesha County For Sale  waukesha county real estate

We have just finished putting a free package together for sellers which is  must if you are contemplating selling your home. We also have a  free package for buyers will certainly find useful. Just call me t 262-377-1459 or email me at  f you are in our market and we will glad to get that  out to you. The last thing we want to see is a dog and pony show of sadness or you become the Victims of a venomous fate from a well rehearsed listing presentation and your home possibly never sells. Why don't you call me and ask me about my guarantee.

      Yes, we have a guarantee.


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Have a productive day and I will see you at closing! 
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