Remember? We Have Talked About CHANGE Before

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The new grouping of words I keep hearing now is: “when we get back to normal.” Folks, when there is change, the next thing that comes is another chance, and that second change does not change back to where we were before the first change. It is somewhat like December 2, 2021, we will NEVER see another December 2, 2021. We may see a December 2nd with 2022 after it. The weather is nice. Then it snows afoot, it quits snowing, the snow melts, the ground is now moist instead of dry, see the different changes there, and after each something DIFFERENT.  Each change brings its own nuance.

 The positive about all of this is to be looking for what the next change will really be like. It could be worse, more than likely it will be positive, that is for most people. Let me put it completely out into the open, at least in my lifetime and most likely your lifetime there will be a China virus, Covid, or any ole whatever kind of thing you want to call it, in some form or fashion. That does NOT mean we can’t have a new normal kind of life, not wearing masks, not staying inside, not going to functions, not participating in sporting events and everything we did prior to 2020.

 The best way out of it is to NOT LISTEN TO THE MEDIA, DO NOT READ WHAT THEY WRITE, COMPLETELY AVOID IT. Let’s put it this way, listening to the media talk about this and try to scare you to death is far worse than not wearing a mask today. WOW, I think that is worth repeating. Listening to the media talk about this and try to scare you to death is far worse than not wearing a mask today.

 Someone said: “You can’t stop living in fear of dying.”  Have you heard this silliness tell you can’t do this or go there unless you have had both shots and the booster? I haven’t heard anyone asking for shotproof cards yet, have you?

 Remember Matthew 24 there will be wars and rumors of wars? We are going to hear rumors of viruses, go out and enjoy your life today, AVOID THE NEWS. If something bad happens you will find out soon enough, someone else will tell you.

 I hope your day is as great as mine.

Dan Dee McGinnis

The Pumpkin Man



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Kathy Streib
Room Service Home Staging - Delray Beach, FL
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Hi Dan- change is a way of life, and we have only one of those. So, I'm choosing to live my life daily. I don't listen to the mouthpieces and instead, use my own judgment. 

Dec 03, 2021 12:45 PM