Give Your Home Some Dazzle for the Holidays with These Decorating Tips

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The holidays are coming up quick. You’ll want your home to look its best with design trends that are all the rage for this year’s seasonal décor.  The 2021-2022 holiday season is all about introducing texture, getting nostalgic and utilizing natural and sustainable elements. In this article, I’ll share a few holiday decorating tips for the season so you can create a standout look no matter what type of space you are working with.

Decorating Tips for the 2021 Holiday Season

Every holiday season brings its share of contemporary designs. Here are some decorating tips that will be hot for the 2021 season.

  • Best Color Schemes: In recent years, we were incorporating unexpected color schemes in our holiday designs. This year, it’s back to traditional red, white and green. But you can shy away from the obvious by choosing a red tree and decorating with green and white ornaments. Accenting with metallics like silver and gold will enhance the appeal.
  • Multiple Trees: Bring nature in with multiple trees in various sizes. Complement a grand tree with two smaller trees placed nearby. Or accent the entire home by placing miniature trees all over including kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Nostalgia: Take friends and family back in time by using old crockery and adding vintage ornaments to your design scheme. This decorating trend started in 2020 and is continuing.
  • Sustainability: Sustainability will be at the root of everyone’s seasonal décor.Capitalize on this by incorporating lots of natural greens including wreaths, trees, swags and decorated houseplants. Use recyclable dinnerware and make decorations with pre-loved materials.
  • Textured Layers of White: Textured layers of white will imitate snow and bring a cozy feeling into the home. Achieve the look by adding white throws, white area rugs and white pillows to beds and furnishings.

Trendy Decorating Tips for Spacious Open Spaces

Open spaces are trending in home design, and they are great for luxurious, over the top displays. Here are some decorating tips that fit the bill perfectly.

  • A Large Tree: A wide open space is perfect for an opulent tree that will fill the room and be visible from everywhere. Go over the top by adding an excess of decorations that will dazzle your guests.
  • Decorate the Mantle: A mantle makes a terrific centerpiece for rooms with open floor plans. If you have one in your home, make the most of it by putting decorations on its surface. Stockings should be hung below in accordance with traditional holiday styles. If you have a mirror or painting above the mantle, string it with garlands and/or lights.
  • Don’t Forget the Walls: Adding decorations to the walls will disperse a festive spirit throughout the room. Wreaths, lights and other hangings will infuse the home with joy.
  • Add Decorations to Surfaces: Make your space look welcoming by adding decorations to surfaces. Candy dishes filled with shiny treats or glam ornaments and vibrant figurines will bring the perfect amount of glitz.

Holiday Decorating Tips for Condos and Lofts

If you live in a smaller space like a condo or loft, you can create an urban chic design without taking up a lot of space. Here are some trendy decorating tips on how it’s done.

  • A Small Tree: You may live in a small space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a tree a part of your holiday décor. A smaller tree won’t take up a lot of room. Decorate it with fun, vintage items to give it urban flair.
  • Knitted Stockings Over the Mantle: Stockings on the mantle are a holiday tradition and they won’t get infringe on your valuable real estate. Knitted or crocheted stockings provide an understated look that’s perfect for city living.
  • Place Cards and Figurines on Bookshelves: If you are dealing with limited space, try placing cards and figurines on bookshelves. They will be in a place where they won’t get knocked over and they will fill your home with the right amount of delightful clutter.
  • Hang Lights on Curtains: Twinkling lights will infuse your space with the joy of the season. For a boho chic aesthetic, try hanging them on curtains in a careless vertical fashion.

Timeless Holiday Decorating Ideas

Holiday decorating tips come and go, but here are some timeless looks that will always be in fashion.

  • Old World Santa: Santa is a timeless figure that’s an integral part of Christmas. An old-world ornament will work regardless of what current trends may be.
    Wooden Beads: Wooden beads add glamor and glitz without going overboard. They work well with any décor.
  • An Icy Pine Wreath: Wreaths are the perfect way to ring in the holiday season. While different elements can be integrated to update the look, an icy pine is always a hit.
  • White Lights: White lights have a sparkly aesthetic that is reminiscent of snow. They add cheer no matter what colors are trending for the season.

The right design can make your home into a winter wonderland. These holiday decorating tips will help you achieve the look you are going for. And, if you are showing and selling your home, they will help you please your potential home buyer.

And if you are looking for a new home to start off the New Year, be sure to call me first. I will make the buying and selling process as stress-free as possible. I will help you find the perfect space for 2022.

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