What does an apartment look like in a studio?

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When you’re starting to look for a new place to live or have just moved into an apartment, one of the options that frequently comes up is a studio apartment. But what exactly is a studio apartment? And what are the pros and cons of this living arrangement?

In this guide, we’re going to discuss what it means to live in a studio apartment and outline the pros and cons of the living arrangement. This will help you find a great studio apartment for your needs.

Firstly, what is a studio apartment?

According to HouseRentalDanang.com

Normally, a studio apartment is known as an apartment that consists of a single room and a bathroom. The single room serves the functions of a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and a bedroom.

Sometimes, you would find a small cooking corner, or a kitchenette, separated from other parts of the room. And also, the bed may be temporarily detached by curtains, creating a specific type of studio apartment known as ‘alcove studio’.

If you have lived in a one-bedroom apartment, you might be asking, “What is a studio apartment?” Some believe that this name comes from the fact that the studio is very small. However, this isn’t true. The real estate word comes from the fact that the studio is one common area where the entire family gathers. No part of the apartment is separated by walls. Only the bathroom is separated by walls.

Studios are often found in the most popular cities, but you can also find studios near shopping, entertainment, and work. They’re typically hip and fashionable areas.

What does an apartment look like in a studio?

If you plan to live in a studio apartment, and want to rent a studio apartment make sure you find out what kind of setup it has. For example, it may have a partition that separates the kitchen from the living area, or there may be a bathroom and closet that divide the space.

Typical studio apartment layouts

Studio apartments have a different look and feel than ones in older houses that have been converted into apartments.

There are many types of studio apartments that look like a long hallway, but there are also other types that look like an “L” and have lofts. Some studios are big rooms with a large bed and other furniture, while other studios are smaller and include a separate loft for sleeping.

Do studio apartments have kitchens?

Studio apartments usually have kitchens, but the kitchen isn’t actually a separate area of the living room. Instead, the kitchen usually is connected to the living area, along with the bedrooms.

What's the price of a studio apartment?

In Vietnam, you can find studio apartments for less than $300 per month; however, in Mississippi, studio apartments cost less than $500 per month.

Are studio apartments livable?

There are advantages and disadvantages to all small space rentals. It’s important to be aware of both before you move into a studio apartment. There are fewer things to clean up in a studio apartment.


Less space means less cleaning.

There’s less clutter or accumulation of “stuff.”

Utilities cost significantly less.


If you’re a messy person, you can’t hide that.

If you’re a pet owner, there isn’t much space for them to run around.

There isn’t any privacy if you live with another person.

Studio apartments vs. one-bedroom apartments

Studios are typically smaller than one-bedroom apartments, and in a studio apartment, the bedroom is located in the open area with the rest of the amenities.

Studio apartments vs. efficiency apartments

Despite being similar because they have an open-space concept, there are many differences between studio apartments and efficiencies. For example, an efficient apartment has a smaller kitchen with smaller appliances and less counter space. Also, it has less square footage and does not have a separate sleeping loft like some studio apartments do.

Studio apartments vs. micro apartments

Mini-apartments are very small living spaces where the living, sleeping, and dining rooms are combined into small units. The unit typically has multiple functions including a bed, a table, and a couch. Because these units are small, they often have multi-functioning pieces of furniture.

The bottom line

Studio apartments are a special type of apartment in which you live in one room that is basically a mini house. The pricing varies based on their location and whether it’s right for you depends on looking at the pros and cons of renting and living in a studio apartment.

Frequently asked questions

Do I save money by renting out a studio or buying an apartment?

It’s usually cheaper to rent a studio apartment than a one-bedroom apartment. However, if you find a studio apartment in a high-demand area, you may have to pay more for that unit.

Is it possible to live in a studio apartment with more than one person?

If you don’t mind sharing space with your significant other, it may be possible to live in a studio apartment, but space and privacy may be a challenge.

What kind of studio apartment can hold all this?

Having a smaller living space can be great because you’re able to make the most out of your storage space.

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