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For the last several months I have been working on a new project aimed to combat all the BS about finding Short Sale leads on the Internet... I have to tell you - if you really want to pay someone for the leads that you need, be my guest, otherwise read on...

If you want to create a LEAD SUCKING web site, or a hundred web sites, all costing you nothing, $0, nadda, zip... I can show you how to do this easily!

UPDATE! The site is live - sign up now or miss out! Click here

One thing about me is that I hate to pay for something that I can make or generate on my own. I know, I know... out source as much as you can! But you know what - if you have no idea what it takes to do something that you are outsourcing, then how do you know that you are receiving true value from your source?!

I truly do believe in teaching people how to fish, rather than just giving them a fish.

You see it's actually really easy to generate leads from a web site - it just depends where you are with your Real Estate Investing business... right? In some cases it makes more sense to just buy them from someone and just get it over with... but maybe you just want a couple leads a month and you don't want to pay a lot to get this set up and running... I'm with you there! So what does it take?

  1. Web site Templates - Easily customizable templates!
  2. A highly visible web site that creates the relationship with those in need
  3. Web 2.0 widgets and social networking tools
  4. Search Engine ranking to generate organic traffic
  5. Easy to submit forms
  6. A toll-free number to handle non-Internet suspects
  7. Hands on training and implementation guidance

There is one more thing needed to get you all of the leads that you could ever use in any market you choose - or multiple markets!

  • The ability to crank out these sites and get them generating 'organic traffic' within days - not months!

What is 'Organic Traffic' ?

Organic traffic is traffic to a target web page or web site where the traffic is generated simply by where the site appears in the search results without ads, and without Pay Per Click (PPC). I've been amazed at how quickly several test sites are making it to the top of Google's results pages, and I'm about to share with you just exactly how this is done. I've launched several test sites to measure the validity of this concept, and I'm just amazed - the interesting thing is that this will work for any market - not just finding those homeowners who are facing foreclosure!!

What about a buyer site?

Absolutely! What I'm going to teach you will allow you to use the templates, forms and pre-written content to create your buyer site(s) as well. It's simple once you understand the components and how to get the buyers to your site.

What about an Investor / private money site?

Again, I will be providing the components and all you need to do is put the things that you need together to make whatever site you need.

No Hype - Please!

I know - this sounds like a sales letter for some newly hyped lead generator. Sorry - I don't really like hype... but I have to say that it's just amazing how all of this works - and if you have a hosting account you probably already have everything you need. I've been tweaking some of the add ons so that they play well with everything, and as soon as I have this done and tested I will be releasing the templates and everything else to you. It's important to note that you won't have to purchase some expensive web development software to make this happen. For the most part almost everything is available for download on the Internet for free!

UPDATE! The site is live - sign up now or miss out! Click here

I know that I'm going to start getting Emails about the fact that I'm competing with those who are selling leads and those who are promoting those high-end web sites where you have little control over what your site looks like. I've already shown this technology to a few and I think that there is going to be a battle brewing on some forum or community sites. I'm ready - I really don't like some of the things being promoted out there and I would rather teach you to fish rather than just give you a fish... I shouldn't have to explain this now should I? If you need an explaination just drop me a note via the Contact page here on this site.

So what is it that I don't like about buying leads?

Simple - it's about the relationship!

When you buy leads, or get leads through some co-op setup you have no idea what you are getting. What I mean by that is that when the homeowner signed up and said that they needed someone to contact them, they aren't drawn to you because of your web site - they are just submitting forms online.

The company you are buying the leads from may call them and qualify the homeowners, but still no relationship has been established - this is usually done by a call center and it's just someone on the phone.

The lead(s) that you are buying are probably being offered to multiple lead buyers so there is no relationship.

Once you get these leads, the first thing that you have to do is try to establish a relationship with the homeowner - who knows how many other people they have talked to since they were qualified for you to buy them - again... no relationship

You see, those homeowners in need are just suspects - they become prospects once they contact you and request your information. When YOU are doing the marketing you can create that needed relationship right there on your web site - almost nobody really does this today, and I believe that is why so many marketing campaigns are ineffective! Lets fix that problem from the beginning - I'll show you how!

This training will be added to the Short Sale Big Bundle - anyone who has purchased the big bundle will get this training and all of the benefits - check it out here ... and we will be raising the price on the Big Bundle once this training is added! There are only a couple spots left at the $299.00 price.


UPDATE! The site is live - sign up now or miss out! Click here

Your comments are always welcome here - just keep it clean and on topic...

To your success,

Michael Hobach

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Pedro Gonzalez

Seems like you got alot of info in here I am going to check out your website

Jun 28, 2008 05:39 AM
Jimmy McCall - Cunningham, TN
The Ex-Mortgage Consultant

Maichael,  Great information.  I to like to do things for myself.  Finding the time to do them all is another obstacle.  I will have to check out your site.

Jun 28, 2008 06:06 AM