Making Your Rental Property A Real Home

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Rising property prices have made it more difficult than ever to get a foothold on the property ladder and the rental market looks to continue expanding into the future.

It’s also no surprise that when it comes to renting, one of the most frustrating factors can be the limitations of what you can and can't do. So, how can you make your rented property feel like home without upsetting the landlord and losing your deposit, or spending cash you won’t see again?

When renting a property, it can be difficult to make it a real home.
Below, Century 21 of Hove suggests 5 ways you can personalise your rental property.


Fill Your Property With Things You Like

Surround yourself with objects that tell your story story. These ought to be little treasures introduced from trips you've made or presents with sentimental value from family and friends, or even bargains picked that you really like.

Find a surface such as a desk or window sill to display them and soon your living area will be filled with memories and trinkets that tell stories and remind you of things you've experienced.

Paintings & Photos

The hardest thing about living in a rental property is that the decor might be a million miles away from the mood you want to create. Even plain white walls, though no longer blatantly offensive, can look lifeless and almost surgical.

Luckily this problem can be fixed without much effort. A large canvas painting or oversized replicate positioned nicely on the walls makes for a showstopping focal factor and adds instant depth and drama to a room.

Paintings or framed pictures can make a place feel more personal and begin to turn your space into your home. Check with the landlord first though if photo hooks are ok; alternatively, picture strips are helpful as they restore anything (within reason) to the wall and come away again neatly without difficulty, maintaining walls in their original state.

Use Vibrant Colours & Textures

If the ground or fixtures fill you with horror, don’t panic. Big attractive rugs are the answer for flooring you dislike. Choose a range of distinctive sizes, shades and designs, for that bohemian feel. Unsightly sofas and chairs can additionally be camouflaged with cozy throws, a sheepskin or cheaper removable covers.

Brightly coloured cushions, curtains, bedding and towels will additionally make the rooms feel warm and homely. If you have a favourite colour, make it a theme for the room, accessorizing with glass bottles, vases and candles.
Sometimes, less is more.

Free-standing Furniture

Rented places often lack storage, which can can cause spaces to be filled with clutter. Attacking the problem with a hammer and nails to create shelving isn’t always an option, so why not make investments in a couple of free-standing storage units which you can take away with you when you move on?

Bookcases are great for providing a combination of storage and decoration, and adds colour and personality to a room.

Bringing The Outdoors In

House plants are a low-priced way to make your home feel warm and loved. If inexperienced fingers aren’t your forte, don’t worry, you can use synthetic flora and plants. Or purchase cacti which are actually indestructible and stylish.

Ultimately, you still have some control over making your rental feel like home. 
Work around the fixtures and fittings and focus on what you can change and with a bit of love and interest, your rented residence will soon be ‘home sweet home’. 


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Hello peter and thanks for another interesting blog by you to share with us here in the Rain.

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Peter Spain

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Peter having been a home owner, then a tenant, then a landlord and back to tenant and home owner I can see your perspective...Endre

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