Want to become a Real Estate Agent? Here's a Remarkable Idea!

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 Earlier today I was thinking of when I became an agent, and the first few months I felt like I was in a dream, another world, did not understand at all what was going on, although in the first six months I sold twelve homes. And I thought there could be a person thinking of getting into the real estate sales business but may have some questions going around in their head. And could even NOT move forward because of the lack of knowledge, fear, and give up on the idea, but if they had known a thing or two before that license was active, they could have sold a home or two more during the first couple of months.

 And that is the reason for these words of wisdom, (is that ok if we call it that?) You may have a relative, good friend, or neighbor who is a real estate agent and that may be where you can get the answers to all your questions, plus some information that you do not even ask for. Suggestions, ideas, someone has success with as a Realtor.

The second opinion could be free, call and find out…Write down ten or more questions. Do some research in your city and find a couple of real estate agents who are selling more than the average agent, or who have been proactive for ten or more years. Consider taking an agent to lunch. This could not only save you hundreds of dollars but hours of time. Because with some preliminary research you may decide residential real estate sales is NOT FOR YOU WHATSOEVER! But if it is, you have a little advantage over others, because you have learned some things to initiate that start of hopefully a great success.

I hope your day is as great as mine

Dan Dee McGinnis

The Pumpkin Man


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