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Whether you’re considering a big move, a career change, or are ready to settle down, it’s important to choose a city that’s right for your needs and goals. Without having lived in America’s most popular cities, it can be challenging to get a feel for what to expect from each place or even where to begin when choosing a new home.


Fortunately, we’ve done the work for you. In this blog, you’ll find our descriptions of America’s best major cities to live and work in during 2022. To widen your search, explore our blog to find rankings of America’s best cities by state.

Santa Monica

Do you crave the beach life but need access to urban amenities? Santa Monica is the city for you. With over eight miles of continuous coastline, a thriving nightlife, and a bustling city center, Santa Monica provides something for everybody. Sink into relaxed beach life, expand your career, and be a part of a thriving community that never lost its small-town appeal.


While Santa Monica’s real estate market is known for upscale condominiums and luxury homes, families and residents from all walks of life call the Santa Monica community home. Choose to stay in the heart of it all in Santa Monica’s culturally rich downtown or enjoy a quiet suburban home with fast access to ocean activities, top-ranking schools, and more. Looking to start a small business in Santa Monica? Setting up commercial space in Santa Monica will be beneficial if your business relies on foot traffic.


Santa Monia may be somewhat less tech-heavy than other California cities. Still, this hybrid beach town has a lot to offer career builders from many different fields, including film and television, the culinary arts, and more. If you’re considering a big move to Santa Monica, search job markets or request an interview with hiring companies to find employment before your move.

San Francisco

San Francisco is as culturally rich and beautiful as it is famous. Neighboring the industrious Silicon Valley area, San Francisco boasts some of the highest household incomes in the country, right alongside stunning architecture and a city vibe like no other.


While the average cost of living in San Francisco is considerably high, it’s worth it for the access to career opportunities, outdoor lifestyle choices, incredible culinary developments, and so much more that living in San Francisco provides. Like many of California’s major cities, San Francisco offers hip urban apartments and gorgeous suburban townhouses to bring a patch of home to people of all lifestyles.


Though this region of California is infamous for tech firms and the jobs they provide, many professionals in culinary, public service, music, film, and other fields call San Francisco home. Explore your career options before moving for the smoothest transition into San Franciscan life.


Famous for having rainy weather, Seattle is a city shaped both by its climate and its eclectic culture. Residents can enjoy a unique music scene that serves as the birthplace of grunge and other genres, explore a unique environment and ecosystem, sample delicious coffee and regional cuisine, and more.


Like many major cities, Seattle boasts a wide range of homes, apartments, and condos that cater to many different lifestyles. While downtown living arrangements carry higher rates, Seattle’s sprawling suburban communities offer charming houses and bungalows for families of all sizes and makeups.


Seattle and surrounding areas have a lot to offer for professionals seeking lateral moves. Several Fortune 500 companies call the Seattle area home, including Amazon, Microsoft, Costco, Nordstrom, and more. Beyond corporate employment opportunities, Seattle residents enjoy career options in software, aerospace, forestry, tourism, culinary arts, and numerous other fields.


Don’t let the rain keep you from experiencing everything the Emerald City has to offer. Visit for the music and beautiful scenery, stay for the community and lifestyle.


Phoenix is a stunning, bustling city framed with a gridwork of green trees, parks, and cozy suburban communities. Though it’s one of the biggest and most popular cities in America, Phoenix hasn’t lost itself to urban development as it still offers residents and visitors the perfect blind of industrial opportunity and nature.


With dozens of neighborhoods to choose from, people of any income level can find a patch of Phoenix to call home. Singles and developing professionals enjoy the downtown community, with stylish apartments and fast access to the city center. Families choose communities like Desert View, with affordable homes, lower crime rates, and integrated school systems. Sun City appeals to retirees, with a thriving community focused on health and recreation for people in their golden years.


Phoenix boasts a robust and growing job market, with many big-name banking companies, including Wells Fargo, JPMorgan, and others offering countless opportunities. Like many thriving cities, Phoenix also offers its residents access to culturally rich and diverse job markets, including culinary arts, music, tourism, and more.

New York

Everything’s different in New York, from the skyline to the nightlife to the fashion. There’s truly nowhere else like it in the world, with sprawling city blocks packed to the brim with unique restaurants, bustling international communities, open-air markets, businesses, colleges, and so much more.


As one of America’s most storied cities, residents can enjoy unique lifestyles, architecture, and community history no matter where in New York they choose to call home. From the classic architecture and charming streets of the Upper West Side to the high-rise apartments of downtown Manhattan, home in New York City comes in many different shapes and sizes.


While finding jobs in New York City used to be a riskier endeavor, modern job boards and online postings make it easier than ever before to find dependable employment before relocating. New York City has a job for almost everyone, from blue-collar laborers to white-collar executives.

Define Your Adventure


Whether you’re thinking of moving to one of the fantastic cities on our list or browsing for ideas, we cover the information you need to know before making a firm decision. Before moving to any new city, we recommend knowing your neighborhood, planning for employment, and choosing a home that’s a good fit for your personality and budget.


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