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We just got back from another wonderful Disney vacation.  We went to Disney World and on a Disney Fantasy Merrytime cruise.  I just wanted to give some pointers for anyone going on a Disney cruise during COVID19.  Kudos to Disney for making everything smooth and seamless.

Pre Arrival
If you are traveling with anyone that is unvaccinated you will need to have them tested prior to getting to the port.  If you are visiting Disney World prior you either need to book an appointment with CVS or Walgreens well in advance or pay the money and get tested at a nearby office.  CVS or Walgreens are free, but will take up valuable vacation time.

Day of arrival
You will get COVID tested at the port.  Disney did a great job of making this smooth and not just more time of waiting.  The waiting you do while you wait for your test ultimately took place of the waiting you would do in the terminal.

Probably my favorite change that they made was that the mass gathering to go through the training of what to do in the event of an emergency was changed so that it was done individually so there was not a lot of wasted time.  

All the dining is great as always.  The buffets are still all available, but they will place the food on your plate versus your plating your own food.  The all famous ice cream by the pool is still available, but also served.

Disney limits each pool to 12 people at a time and then allows a changeover of people every 15 minutes.  While this seems that it may be inconvenient, it was not too bad.  Due to the limited capacity of the cruise we were on, the Aquaduck water slide had a short line all the time.

Entertainment and Disney Character Meet and Greet
One of the positives of a Disney cruise is that you get to see the characters all over the place and there are minimal lines compared to Disney World.  This is still the case.  We also had a character dance party.  Disney does a great job of keeping the social distancing during these times.

COVID19 Testing
Anyone unvaccinated in your room will have to get tested before they get off the ship.  This process was seamless.  They came to your room, tested you, and came back by 15 minutes later with the results.

I could go on and on, but if you are considering going on a Disney cruise and have any concerns I believe you will be fine.  If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will give you our experience.  

Good job Disney!!!!!!!

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Hello Rob Dalton very helpful report about information on Disney Cruise Line during Covid-19.

Dec 16, 2021 06:02 PM