Tips for Buying a Home Without Parking

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When buying a home, parking is something homeowners often consider. These spaces can provide more convenience. However, some places don’t have dedicated parking spots. Here are some tips for purchasing a home without parking.

The Benefits of Homes Without Parking

One of the main perks of buying a home without parking is you actually can save money. Houses with this amenity can be more expensive than other properties. You also save money on your monthly expenses. In Philadelphia, you can pay between $18,000 and $28,000 more for a house with parking.

Besides the cost, not having parking encourages you to take public transportation. Then you can help the planet and save money on gas. In addition, the reduction in parking spaces can benefit the community. The open area can turn into bike lanes or garden spaces.

The Drawbacks of Homes Without Parking

While not having parking saves you money, there are a few things to consider. Security is often an issue for those without dedicated parking spots. Cars parked in public spaces may be more vulnerable to theft.

Also, having a driveway or garage can increase a home’s resale value. Since it is a convenient amenity, some buyers may be willing to pay more. Plus, some homeowners also use the garage for storage.

Tips for Using Street Parking

Suppose you have found your dream home in a place without parking. The first step is to research the availability of other options, such as street parking. Here are some tips for using these resources.

1. Park in Corner Spots

When parking on the street, look for the spot on the end. It can prevent you from being blocked on both sides and reduce the chances of an accident. Also, try to find a well-lit spot, which can help deter thieves.

2.  Refresh Your Parallel Parking Skills

Once you find the perfect spot, you want to quickly get your car into it. Review and practice parallel parking techniques. When parking, start by positioning your car 2 to 3 feet from the parked one. Also, remember to check all your mirrors before backing up.

You can even take a driving course to enhance your skills. Some insurance companies might reduce your rates for taking a safety course. Also, consider adding car features, such as a 360-degree camera or parking sensors.

3. Don’t Park Under Tree Branches

Parking under a tree increases the chances of tree sap and pollen ending up on your windshield. These substances can be a hassle to clean and may even damage your car’s paint.

Also, during heavy snowfall, branches can break and fall onto your vehicle. Then you have to deal with repair expenses, which can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the damage.

4. Read the Signs Carefully

Make sure you are paying attention to the street signs. They indicate important information, such as the parking hours. Reading these signs can prevent you from getting a ticket. Keep in mind some cities may have rules not posted on signs, such as overnight guidelines. Before heading out, check the city’s website.

5. Keep Parking Garages in Mind

Oftentimes, street parking can get crowded. So, parking garages can be another convenient option. These spaces can protect your car against the weather and increase security. When choosing a garage, try to find one with good lighting and security cameras. Look up information about any restrictions and the cost. In most garages, you take a ticket and you pay by the hour.

6. Pin Your Car’s Location

How many times have you forgotten where you parked your car? To save time and stress, use a map app on your phone to pin your vehicle's location. For example, Find My Car is a convenient app to download. You can also use Google Maps to locate your vehicle.

7. Protect Your Vehicle From Damage and Thieves

When parking on the street, you want to protect your car from potential damage. Consider getting a bumper guard. You can flip it out of the trunk after you park. Having a bumper guard can protect your car from a fender bender. It’s especially useful for busy streets where parking is often tight. Another trick to keep your car safe is folding in your side mirrors.

To prevent burglary, take everything of value out of your car, including your keys. Also, leave any documents with personal information at home, such as insurance documents. You can keep a picture of these on your phone. Tracking your car and installing alarms can also help deter thieves.

How to Manage Without Parking

Parking spots for your home can provide convenience and security. However, they can raise the purchase price. So, if you are buying a house without a designated parking space, follow these tips.

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Kristin Johnston - REALTOR®
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Great information.  Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

Dec 29, 2021 06:55 AM
Eric Bouler
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Parking is a great value in places where many condos and homes do not have parking....

Dec 29, 2021 07:55 AM
James White

Definitely agree! I'm more of a country guy myself, but worked on many homes with street parking. Lovely historic houses, but a small driveway or parking space really upped their value

Dec 29, 2021 11:41 AM
John Pusa
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Hello James White these are very valuable list of tips for buying a home without parking.

Dec 29, 2021 02:25 PM