Zoom Call 12.28.21 Panel Discussion on Golf Course Communities

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Zoom Call:  Panel Discussion on Golf Course Communities

The Zoom call this week was for a niche market that has popularity across the country but predominantly in areas where golf is appreciated almost all year round. 

Chaired by Eileen Burns, the call was presented by Gary Frimann, from Gilroy, CA and Matthew Klinowski, from Naples FL. While both acknowledged being golfers, although not on a regular basis, both admitted that their purchases in a golf course community was to keep their wives happy.

Golf Course living is distinctly different from other communities as there are the constant reminders that people will be moving around the rear areas of the property throughout the day for maintenance of the courses starting very early in the morning as the courses are prepared for the day. Then there's the activity of the golfers and they're not always straight shots, some of which can land in the yards or knock off the structures of the residences.

Not all golf course communities are built around private county clubs, and as such may have golfers whose abilities and etiquette vary broadly.

The HOA fees associated with these communities would not be directly impacted by the golf courses except for maintenance created by off course balls that can do damage to the outside of the buildings or even break glass.

They both agreed that finding a comfortable location on a golf course to buy can be a challenge.  Fairway homes carry some advantages especially if they would be beyond the landing of an average golfer's tee shots. Tee area properties and greens each offer their respective advantages and disadvantages.


Being cognizant that some people may verbally express their disappointment in colorful language can also be a purchase consideration for locations.  Purchasing within the community but not directly on the course can also be an advantage for a buyer as they tend to not only be quieter but would be less costly as well.

It was a very interactive Zoom call and highly entertaining as well as informative,

This panel style of call is also special as it offers decidedly different opinions based on geography and there will be more of them in the future.


Zoom Call:  Panel Discussion on Golf Course Communities


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