"Divorce My Property" - Divorce Real Estate With Shanna Day

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"Divorce My Property" - Divorce Real Estate With Shanna Day

If divorce is on your mind, surely the overwhelming task of finding financial independence as well as splitting marital assets can cause even more stressful decision making.

We’ve created Divorce My Property as a free service to our divorcing clients to gather all house related documents as “house evidence” so that you can make informed decisions.

Protect your future and post-divorce credit by learning what you owe, what you own, what you may be stuck with, and what your options are - all at no cost to you.

We can work with your attorney to complete the case file regarding one of your largest marital assets - the house - so you’ll have the best financial evaluation regarding your property.

Many critical mistakes are preventable during divorce, but not after:

• Because her EX kept the house, one woman was dragged through bankruptcy after his mortgage refinance application was denied post-divorce and their joint mortgage then foreclosed!

• One man discovered his EX’s $216,000 pre-marital debt became HIS debt post-divorce as a lien recorded during the marriage against the title to the house he kept!

• Even a REALTOR learned paying off home equity debt didn’t cancel the account. Her EX “maxed” it out with $25,000 debt secured by the house she kept!

• Because she kept the house, one woman had to pay $12,000 of her EX’s attorney’s fees - even with a property settlement hold harmless provision!

Because “appraisal minus mortgage” does NOT equal house equity, learn essential real estate due diligence you need now to supplement evidence of your house value - with no extra attorney and little-to-no homeowner cost/effort.

Shanna is a Maricopa Superior Court Appointed Realtor, recognized to handle divorce real estate. Give her a call today for a free consult, free house valuation, and free court admissible documentation for your property.


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"Divorce My Property" - Divorce Real Estate With Shanna Day


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