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Proofread Anywhere is the most popular Proofreading course by Caitlin Pyle that teaches people how to become freelance proofreaders. But is there a Caitlin Pyle scam ? Is Proofread Anywhere legit? We interviewed three people that have taken the course.


Welcome to our latest article all about Caitlin Pyle and her course called Proofread Anywhere.

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If you are looking for a way to make some extra money from home (full-time or part-time), then consider becoming a freelance proofreader. 

Proofreading is not as easy as it sounds, but it can be a great side hustle. The start-up costs are extremely low, but it does help to take a good course like Proofread Anywhere.

Online courses can be expensive, so many people have been asking us 'is Proofread Anywhere legit?' and 'is Caitlin Pyle scamming people?'.

Basically, yes Proofread Anywhere is legit! But as with all online courses, you have to put what you learn into action to get the best value from the course.


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What is Proofread Anywhere?

If you have never heard of Proofread Anywhere, then this section will probably be quite useful for you.

Proofreading Anywhere is a comprehensive course for people that want to make money online as proofreaders. It was created by the wonder woman Caitlin Pyle.

Caitlin Pyle has been making a full-time income online since 2007. She made her money proofreading as a freelancer for several years, before creating Proofread Anywhere.

Proofread Anywhere includes:

  • 40+ interactive modules that teach you the basics of proofreading in 8 modules
  • Access to the private and exclusive Proofread Anywhere Facebook group where you can ask Caitlin and other students for help and networking opportunities
  • Bonus materials for learning how to work in various niches within proofreading
  • Real-life practice worksheets to test your skill level
  • 8 Grammar specific worksheets

Is Proofreading Anywhere for you? It is for anyone that wants to make money online with freelance proofreading.

Caitlin does not promise overnight riches, which is very refreshing for an online course. She also teaches you how to make it a proofreading business, which is crucial for success.

FREE WEBINAR all about the course HERE!

Caitlin is an amazing business woman to learn from and it is really great that her course doesn't just teach you the technical skills that are required.

She teaches all of the business skills like how much to charge, how to write contracts, how to market yourself and other business skills.


  • The private Facebook group is worth 10x the cost of the course alone!
  • You will learn the skills required to become a successful proofreader online
  • The course is online so you can learn from anywhere
  • Lifetime access and any extra bonuses in the future are free


  • The course costs $397 to $497  depending on when you buy it.  This is quite expensive and there are no refunds or free trials. The course is extremely high quality but you have to pay for it.
  • The course is substantial, it usually takes people a couple of months to complete! 


Check out Caitlin's FREE WEBINAR all about the course here!


Why Start a Freelance Proofreading Business?

You can do proofreading for clients from anywhere in the world. This includes from an exotic beach in the Bahamas...

The freedom to work from a laptop has always been what attracts me to online entrepreneurship.

Usually, freedom is what everyone is looking for and this is what freelance proofreading provides. No boss. No set hours. The ability to live anywhere in the world.

Freelance proofreading has many attractive features as a business. Here are the top reasons that a freelance proofreading business is a very good idea:

  1. There is a large demand for proofreaders (that is steadily growing). This means that there is a large and expanding customer base - crucial for a successful business.
  2. As we have mentioned many times already - you can start and run this business from anywhere in the world.
  3. A high rate of pay. Typically, freelance proofreaders can earn $50 - $100 per hour once they have experience.
  4. Very low startup costs. You will most likely operate out of your own home, so there are really no overhead costs to consider. You can use your home office and expenses as tax deductions to lower your taxable income.
  5. There is a wide variety of clients and jobs available. 
  6. You don't need any college degree, qualification or certificate.


It is one of the best businesses to start if you are one of those people that love to spot mistakes in written documents. Having a great grasp of English, punctuation and grammar is important but it is not ALL you need to become a successful proofreader.

Check out her FREE WEBINAR for more details!

There are various standardized style guides that you need to learn. Often clients will want a specific style of proofreading so you need to be able to adapt to different client needs.

One of my least favorite things about freelance proofreading is that it is not passive. You will have to find clients and do active work to make money. Some people love this and get satisfaction from helping clients, but I prefer to have recurring or passive income.

You can choose your own hours as a freelance proofreader, but once you have signed up for a job it can be quite stressful.

Clients are often demanding or in a rush to get the work done, which can lead to stress. This is a problem that most freelancers in most industries face.


Is Caitlin Pyle a Scam ?

People always ask me 'is Caitlin Pyle a scam or a fraud?'.  It always amazes me that people are skeptical of Caitlin and her story. She is very transparent on Facebook about her life both past and present.

Caitlin has admitted that she has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (although she seemed to go back and forth regarding her diagnosis).

This shows her openness and honesty because it is not always easy to admit to having a mental illness like bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder has been shown to be quite common amongst many successful entrepreneurs.

There have been many articles that discuss the link between the disorder and creativity amongst entrepreneurs.

Caitlin has a difficult 2018/2019 due to her divorce from her husband, Ben. This has led to many people wondering if Caitlin Pyle is crazy - but I assure you that she is not!

She seems to have her bipolar disorder under control and is rebuilding her businesses. Caitlin is a brilliant business woman and definitely not a scam artist! 

Caitlin's story started a few years ago when she was fired from her 9-5 job. She was only making about $14 per hour and working like a slave.

Her bosses told her she was useless and would never amount to anything! When she was fired she decided that she would never work as an employee ever again. She started a business as a personal trainer but it struggled to get traction.

In 2011 she started proofreading and within a year she was making about $4,000 per month as a freelance proofreader. She was able to fully support herself with her proofreading income.

By 2014, Caitlin had started her company Proofread Anywhere. She had even written her first eBook about proofreading! She appeared on Dr Oz to talk about her proofreading career in 2015.

I can see why some people might think that Caitlin Pyle is a scam artist that just made this story up in order to sell Proofreading courses. But she did not do this! I use to live close to her and knew some of her local friends that even offered to introduce me to her. She is the real deal.

Her story of going from $14 per hour to a multi-millionaire in a few years is amazing but true as far as I can tell. A true American success story!


Is Proofread Anywhere Legit?

Proofread Anywhere is more 'legit' than most college courses! Why? Well for a few hundred dollars and a couple of months, you will be setup to make some good money online.

Learn more about PA here in the free webinar.

This is not the case with most college courses! Typically, you spend 4 years getting a college degree which costs you $50,000 in high interest debt. Are you more likely to get a job after you finish a college degree?

Certainly not. Even if you do get one - 43% of graduates end up working in a low paying job that has nothing to do with their degree.

Several of my friends have graduated from Proofread Anywhere. You can read how they were able to find clients and get paid up to $100 per hour as freelance proofreaders. Here are links to their stories:

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Review of Proofread Anywhere


I have also compiled a collection of interviews, reviews and testimonials that past clients have put together. I think that you can make a pretty informed decision by watching and reading these documents to answer the question 'is Proofread Anwhere legit?'.

This is a great inside look at Proofread Anywhere


Question and Answer session with Caitlin Pyle


An interview with a happy Proofread Anywhere student


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Conclusions: Is Proofread Anywhere Legit?

So what do you think ? Is Proofread Anywhere legit or a scam? I hope that I have helped you to understand that Proofread Anywhere and Caitlin Pyle are both legit and worth 100 times what you pay for the course. If you enjoy correcting the written word, proofreading online could well be your calling.


What do you think? Is Proofread Anywhere legit? Let us know in the comments below. Extra bonus points for pointing out all of the typo's and horrendous grammar in this article!

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